LIVE: Vladimir Putin visits Greece – Arrivals


On May 27-28 Russian president Vladimir Putin is set to make a two day trip to Greece where he will meet with the President of the Greek Hellenic Republic, …


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  1. Greece give back the land u stole from the Macedonian people God is punishing u for your lies 47% unemployment 6.4 million hungry Greeks in return Macedonia will help u with food

  2. Highly corrupted son of a bitch arrived to Greece.

  3. Welcome!!!! Putin is the greatest leader of our time

  4. ian novak says:

    Putin stole Crimea. Everybody knows what is the best name for a person who stoles something.

  5. we love russia and vladinir poutin in greece orthodox brothers????

  6. Alex Bajan says:

    Viva Greece. Viva Russia and Putin.

  7. Mr. Putin welcome in Greece! Our people admire you and respect you very much. We admire that you defend the interests of your country and you do not bow down to the US hegemony or the EU. That you defend true Russian independence and sovereignty.
    Russia and Greece have common cultural and religious bonds 1000 years old starting in the Byzantium. Mount Athos is a magnificent religious monument of Christianity in which Russian Monks live in Russian monasteries until today. Russia played a crucial role helping us in our liberation war from the Turks. Our first governor was foreign minister of Russia the Greek Kapodistrias. These things we will never forget!

  8. nto23 nto23 says:

    welcome to greece GREAT PUTIN!!!!!!!!!

  9. star gr says:

    welcome President !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Kemo Sabee says:

    WTF??? I attracted cyber bully trolls…  I didn't know that my comments in crayons were too far advance for you. I'll try to write a bit slower for you to understand me next time. In the meantime, apologize to the trees for allowing you to breathe.

  11. gpapscorpion says:

    Καλώς ήρθες λεβέντη άντρακλα πλανητάρχη.Ελλάς-Ρωσσία Οροδοξία

  12. alavado sea vladimir putin

  13. AgriosLykos says:

    γαμησε όλα τα μουνια μαζί σου

  14. Ho Pw says:

    If EU want to help Greece it should write off Greece debts but instead it continue to offer more toxic loans to Greece who already cannot pay its old debts. After-all if EU can provide the illegitimate Kiev govt billions why can't EU write off Greece debts? Perhaps on the military side, Greece should provide an air & naval base to Russia so that Greece can spend less temporary on military to channel more towards its economy. Russia have wrote off $10 billion North Korea debts and $10 billion Indonesia debts owed during Sukarno rule why can't EU write off Greece debts?

  15. gord oland says:

    Glory to Russia and Greece!

  16. XDX says:

    ipan oti 8a einai polla ta oximata kai pou ine polla gia na min kseroune se pio oxima 8a ine o putin..
    alla mas diksan ka8ara tin pinakida tou autikinitou tou putin
    oti nane

  17. I am a Russian Orthodox Turks. Glory to Russia and Kazakhstan.

  18. That Hertz bus at 14:56… Takes away all the glory…

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