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20 Responses

  1. Where can I download this?

  2. shiftyaloa says:

    halftrack with no roof perfect bazooka shot kills everybody inside then get called streamsnipers cause you rekt them gg

  3. Jakob Nunes says:

    +Bluedrake42 you are way better than Devil dog man Devil is an asshole your a nice guy on the other hand man, and a good leader to and you actually care for other people. Thanks for another good video man.

  4. is this still active??

  5. Is this still open? It says beta till 3rd january but people are still uploading ww2 videos? I need this in my life

  6. skip the first 9 minutes of Bluedrakes rubbish

  7. Where is the WN72 position with the 2 side bunker and trench ?

  8. Stop being a dumb shit and stay in cover

  9. ajdrig says:

    14:16 liek if you cri evry tiem

  10. red6eagle says:

    Are you a vet bluedrake42?

  11. Nperez1986 says:

    Is PR WWII not available? I've been trying to play this, awesome gaming btw!

  12. You know BD, u use a lot of "goddammit" :)

  13. 1 more time says:

    3 deaths without even hitting the beach

  14. Dustan Brown says:

    Without maps that show you everything Bluedrake you suck even more.

  15. Wtf thta guy was doing desd /:

  16. It got a little too real for someone around 13:36.

  17. How can I play this game what do I have to do?

  18. kyle sundell says:

    its a bluedrake has to go.

  19. kyle sundell says:

    mini sub's anybody?

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