‘Los Angeles Dodgers’ livery | Emirates Airbus A380-861 [A6-EON] Landing at Brisbane Airport


PLEASE READ: Painted in the special ‘Los Angeles Dodgers’ livery, here’s A6-EON arriving at Brisbane Airport from Dubai. Was quite an awesome morning of …


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  1. atlubeck says:

    Awesome video and livery! Liked!

  2. Good catch! Nice filming.

  3. Awesome livery and video mate! Liked a lot! :)

  4. Would love to see that in Auckland unfortunately this won't happen tomorrow as she is scheduled to be flying to Amsterdam

  5. Stunning catch of this awesome livery!! Liked!

  6. Nice rare catch!

  7. Awesome catch mate :)

  8. Nice catch with the special livery, it looks great!

  9. Loverly video mate!! Great catch! LIKED

  10. Awesome catch, beautiful video… LIKE for sure :-)

  11. Absolutely beautiful lighting and video mate! All of EK's A380's special liveries have been amazing!!

  12. Fantastic catch mate, liked!: )

  13. Beautiful the chance

  14. Amazing catch mate! Wish I caught this at Sydney earlier in July but an awesome sight from the big bird and a huge like

  15. Aviatorspot says:

    Excellent catch of the Emirates A380!

  16. Awesome catch Mr.DPG :)

  17. Spectacular catch mate! I liked a lot! I'm a big fan of this livery and it suits the EK A380 very well I think.

  18. What a brilliant livery! Very cool catch! Liked a lot!

  19. Great video Emil, awesome that this beast popped into BNE!!

  20. Ashiq Rahman says:

    nice livery, although the sheer size of the plane eats-up all the attention…

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