Love Actually… Is All Around ( Love Actually Intro)


Whenever I get gloomy with the state of the world, I think about the arrivals gate at Heathrow Airport. General opinion’s starting to make out that we live in a world …


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  1. lonmar0612 says:

    this is such a wonderful monologue and a perfect opening to a beautiful movie

  2. Tim Taylor says:

    Awesome quality!  I tear up every time I watch it.

  3. One of the best opening scenes to a movie EVER.  I've seen this hundreds of times, and every time, I tear up.

  4. uscgal04 says:

    not my favorite movie of all time – but absolutely my favorite opening to a movie of all time; especially poignant during the time this movie was filmed (very closely after 9/11) and I think it was a great move on the writer's/producer's/director's part to make the first scene in an airport. Not only for the reasons stated in HG's monologue but because the airport really is an amalgam of strong feelings of love often – both people departing for somewhere far away or people reuniting with friends and family. Absolutely wonderful movie sequence & I think helps set the tone of the film in an endearing yet intriguing way. Plus the use of clips of all sorts of people,  none of which are in the main cast, it was a risky move to do it that way cinematographically but it definitely worked on all ends. Love this movie that much more for it. Thanks for posting such a HQ version here on YT! :)


  6. Ben Ellis says:

    It cant rain all the time people.

  7. I sent this to my friend when he was down about what happened in Friance today. Love will reign.

  8. Kirsty Rosie says:

    one of my fave films and my fave openings to a film ever!! love really is everywhere

  9. Default Name says:

    I couldn't agree more

  10. Molly May says:

    I'm auditioning for a play with this tomorrow

  11. Lara Croft says:


  12. thurane says:

    Amen. His love is manifested everywhere and His steadfast love never ceases, His mercies never come to an end, they are new every morning – great is Your faithfulness oh Lord! Whether believer in God or Atheist, we all feel and choose Love.

  13. What is the background music?

  14. Sonja Mc says:

    I love this movie. Especially Liam Neeson and Collin Firth's storylines

  15. Not Me says:

    What's the theme playing in the background?

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