Mainstream Reports: DHS Battens Down the Hatches for “all hell breaks loose day”


Mac Slavo

A few weeks ago we saw what happens when the Electronic Benefit Transfer system is threatened in any way. When access to food stamps went offline for just a few hours, the masses began to panic in what were essentially isolated hot spots where law & order totally broke down.

Mainstream Reports DHS Battens Down the Hatches for all hell breaks loose day

This Friday, because of guidelines set forth in the American and Recovery Investment Act, the 48 million Americans receiving nutritional food assistance from the government are going to see cuts to their monthly distributions.

According to the USDA, the average monthly food benefit for an American family is about $272. Come November 1st, that will be reduced by $36 – or about 13%.

Now, that may not seem like a big number, until you consider that the people depending on these distributions are already struggling to put food on the table and keep a roof over their heads.

The government is, in essence, reducing their food availability by 13% overnight.

Most people aren’t even paying attention, but one organization certainly is, because they know exactly what can happen when you start taking food out of peoples’ mouths.

November 1st could be a very, very iffy day.

This could be ‘all hell breaks loose’ day.

The Department of Homeland Security is spending $80 million on a wrath of armed guards to protect the IRS and other government buildings in New York, not from terrorist threats mind you, but from American citizens because on November 1st the food stamp program is set to start decreasing the amount that is allocated to food stamp recipients… and they’re worried that violence will ensue.

I guess they’re preparing for the worst…


If we do not radically change our economy and revamp so that those nearly 50 million people have an opportunity to be liberated from food stamps to get $75, versus $70, versus $65. What these people need is economic opportunity and a good job so they can put food on their own table.

You know, the slaves had food stamps too. It was called scraps from mazza’s table… we have a crisis within our country right now when you have 50 million people, nearly the entire West Coast, on food stamps.

That’s the real outrage.


While we don’t anticipate any serious riots or violence following the food stamp cut backs, this shows in unambiguous detail what the government and the Department of Homeland Security have been planning for.

For years they have been simulating the collapse of the U.S. financial system and its after-effects. And their simulations have concluded that any breakdown which leaves people without money, food, or access to government support will lead to widespread violence, looting and riots on the streets of America. The control grid has been put into place to handle what they know is coming.

Why else would they spend $80 million beefing up security to deal with the blow-back from this relatively minor food stamp cut?

Because they know what can happen – and they know what WILL happen!

They’ve spent billions of dollars stockpiling food, guns, ammunition, and militarizing our domestic police forces to deal specifically with riots and mass demonstrations.

We can pretend that FEMA refugee internment camps don’t exist, but any sensible police state would have designed, built and staffed these facilities well in advance as well.

The United States government, as well as governments around the world, are fully expecting that the game will soon come to an end and confidence in the entire global economic, financial, monetary and political systems will be lost.

And when that happens you can be assured that all of those supplies they’ve stockpiled will be used to support their policing efforts, not for the benefit of the people.

This means you and yours will literally be on your own and left to fend for yourselves.

It’s time to make and finalize preparations, because these are not the activities of a government expecting peace and stability.

They are expecting madness and pandemonium, so you’d better have your plans in place, including your food, water, gold, and other supplies that will help you survive when others will be left to deal with the horrific consequences.

This won’t be a short-term event, but rather, a sustained long-term decline that could potentially affect us for decades – thus we need to be thinking sustainability, and not just prepping for a single isolated emergency.

You best get ready. The government’s giving us a head’s up on what will soon come to pass.

Read more from Mac Slavo at his site, where this first appeared.

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5 Responses

  1. “You know, the slaves had food stamps too. It was called scraps from mazza’s table… we have a crisis within our country right now when you have 50 million people, nearly the entire West Coast, on food stamps.”

    Great analogy. The “slaves” never stopped being slaves. They have gotten handouts from ‘mazza’ since they came to the shores of the country, brought here by Dutch(jew) slavers. A favorite saying of mine is, “We keep feedin’ em, they keep breedin’ em.” And it’s the same where ever they are too. Haiti, the African continent or Camden, NJ. Now add 32 million mexican illegals, Puerto Ricans, Cubans, Vietnamese, etc. All of them on the dole. They do it by choice as they’re too lazy and ignorant to fit into the modern world. The Whites that are on it run the gamut from n-word wanna bes to those seriously needing the help.

    If trouble does come it’ll be from the blacks and hispanics that think they deserve the funding. It’ll give them a reason to act up. Trouble is they never take on the real problem but instead attack their own neighborhoods. This time though, I think YT better be ready to see these thugs in White neighborhoods.

    If throwing that switch causes the slaves and other detritus to riot and carry on, then we will see the beginnings of the plot to turn this country into a total police state. In a way I hope they do. It may wake up the fence sitters to survival mode.

  2. 5 War Veteran says:

    Wow some great comments!
    What we have are a bunch of wealthy Elite who undermined the USA and it’s economy starting in 1963. The whole concept of Wealth Redistribution is to take the wealth from the lower upper class and the middle class to give it to generations of people raised on the “government dole”. All “higher and godlike Elite” rarely if ever accept wealth redistribution. Instead they use wealth to pass laws that create loopholes in which to hide their wealth and make themselves exempt for taxation.

    I remember a time when accepting “welfare” was considered a negative thing. Something to be accepted by the least capable and a consideration of shame for those who were earning wages. Unemployment was also considered a shame. Any job was better than no job.

    Of course this was all in a time BEFORE the Elite and our “political representatives” allowed the shipping of jobs overseas and the wind of the greatest manufacturing nation on the Earth was stolen from our sails in a plan by the Wealthy Elite to destroy the American Economy and create another third world country whose citizens will be enslaved for cheap labor just so they can barely survive to slave the rest of their lives UNTIL they are no longer productive and then because of failing health (productivity) we will be written off by the Elite through the use of legalized death panels.

    This is EXACTLY what has happened in the past to other countries around the world. and the “death panels” exist today in many foreign countries including the UK and Canada.

    I suggest joining your STATE militia if they are not aligned with the present criminal political regime. States will need their people who are honorable and willing to purchase their freedom possibly with their lives in order to return America to the Great Nation it once was.

    If participating in your State militia is not your flair then in the very least become active in your local communities with your police.

  3. EyesNotWideShut says:

    DDearborn – “Israel’s wars” – Really?! Take your head out of the proverbial sand. For the last 5 years those receiving aid are terrorists – Moslem Brotherhood and factions including Syrian “rebels”. When Egypt seeks to purge the Moslem Brotherhood O-Hussein stops aid – perhaps to end the nations stabilizing impact in the M.E.? Nobel Peace prize winner sure likes to foment conflict.

  4. DDearborn says:


    quick follow up comment;

    So instead of running around creating mayhem which is precisely what they want the people should use the system. Start with local elections and put candidates in place that will truly represent the people instead of the 1/10 of 1%. Replace the crooked government with people that care about the rest of us. And in the mean time people must gain a united voice against the economic terrorism being used against us by the likes of the FED the big 5 banks and Wall Street. And we must force the Congress to bring our troops home right now. We must end the blind allegiance to Israel by Washington now. Just ending the FED and all their phony debt and ending the phony war on terror would stop this downward slide in its tracts……………………

  5. DDearborn says:


    You have it all wrong. The massive stock piles of food and weapons isn’t to contain insurrection. These massive stockpiles are there so that the military and Homeland security can protect the ruling elite as they desert the Continental US. Do you honestly believe the rich are going to stay in the US one second longer than it takes to board the first plane or boat or boarder crossing? Come on people wake up. This entire exercise is to protect the 1/10% of 1% in the event things get out of control.

    Once the country starts to go DHS has zero chance of doing anything about it. We have 80% of our combat military forces overseas. Most of them are in the Middle East fighting for Israel. There are 300 Million Americans who are getting really really pissed off. More than 2/3’s of them are armed. What kind of numbers does Homeland Security have? And assume that once the stuff hits the fan more than half of them will desert and return home to protect their own families.

    Instead of spending trillions for Israel’s wars the government should have reinvested in America. After all it is our money and our country. It does not belong to Israel. The government is intentionally provoking this in the hopes they can create enough minor insurrection to declare martial law but not enough to lose control. But the elites are not taking any chances…….Good luck with that.

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