Man with ‘vampire teeth’ attacks homeless man

truther June 12, 2012 0

by Joe Kovacs

In the wake of a series of recent cannibal-style attacks, sink your teeth into this one. A man having what are described as “vampire teeth” has been arrested today in the San Diego suburb of La Jolla, Calif., for allegedly attacking a homeless man and threatening to kill him.

According to the San Diego Union-Tribune, police were called to a shopping center about 5:45 a.m. by someone who saw the victim standing outside a CVS Pharmacy.

San Diego police Capt. Brian Ahearn said when officers arrived on scene, they found the 55-year-old man wounded and bleeding with his left eye swollen shut.

The victim told officers he had been sleeping behind the shopping center adjacent to Interstate 5 when he was beaten in a “totally unprovoked” attack.

Ahearn told the paper the attacker, whose name has not yet been released but was described as looking like a transient, kicked the victim numerous times in the face, head and ribs while saying that he wanted to kill him.

The suspect was found by police a short time later and arrested on felony assault charges that could be upgraded to attempted murder.

Commenting online, Melissa Dalton said, “That gentlemen’s mouth is the scariest thing I have seen today and I work at DHS (the Department of Homeland Security).”


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