Marco Marco: Swimwear New Arrivals


Marco Marco swimwear is our latest feature for New Arrivals. Check out Steven Dehler model the looks with style reporter Kevin Spencer. Find out more at …


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  1. Steven Kodak says:

    Laser all the way?

  2. Louis Riehm says:

    This is the first time I didn't care for the look of the swimwear.

  3. Mplsmndude says:

    Kevin – you're so cute. When are we going to see you modeling? :-)

  4. l never forget starship trooper vidio sooooooooooo so so hotest and firable.

  5. Teo Teo says:

    i love his bulge and the hot thing inside those underwear.

  6. zxc540888888 says:

    anyone knows the model's name?

  7. Another white models in a Latin brand underwear brand.

  8. Very cool New line of Men's swimwear.  Thanks for the Info and always great videos. Cheers

  9. ritchiereech says:

    both are very buyable….

  10. ken306809 says:

    gotta love thoes Thick Thighs

  11. I like the ones shown from 1:281:40. So, basically, the very last 3-4 pieces.

  12. sergh8605 says:

    I'm all about Pebble brief

  13. Why did u cut out the part where he's changing them?

  14. Nice uh, colors to display assets.

  15. Alan Song says:

    I like the lazer swim trunk.

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