Mariah Carey – I Don’t ft. YG Illuminati exposed!


Mariah Carey – I Don’t ft. YG Illuminati uncovered!


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  1. the truth says:

    the elite is trying to ruin her career

  2. So what about Fly like a bird, or Heavenly from her 2013 Album… I don't see her as a satanic worshiping artist she seems independent from the illuminati and seems like a godly woman even though she may not show herself as that but I know deep down she's on gods side. ✨ Also, she is not saying "don't get married and do whatever" she's singing about her break up with James Packer. I feel like now a days you can't write about your emotions without someone saying "It's Satanic" ? Please just stop…

  3. Thanks for making videos. Let's pray for her.

  4. ren flores says:

    Your stupid what the hell do u know about Mariah you video is crap ?

  5. this has to be sarcastic XD

  6. Monica Biggs says:

    oh shut the fuck up with illuminati shit love Mariah so shut up

  7. C Martin says:

    Sonny, I don't believe that Mariah Carey is a satanist occultist. I don't feel like she is anything like the other celebrities out there involved in the Illuminati. I'm not saying she's perfect, I'm not saying she's setting a good example for young women out there by dressing half naked all the time and yes I'm sure there are some, not many, but some Illuminati symbolisms associated with her work. But here's the thing. I know for a fact that Mariah serves Jesus Christ, she has always been open about her personal relationship and belief in Jesus Christ. She doesn't just say God, she specifies Jesus Christ. If Mariah Carey was an Illuminati sellout, she wouldn't be flopping in her career like she's been.

  8. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? mariah is KNOWN as being a WOMAN OF GOD hence why she DOES NOT HAVE SEX BEFORE MARRIAGE hence why she has songs about JESUS CHRIST on every album! hence why she married nick cannon someone who is a full believer in christ! & if you pay attention ALLLLLL of mariahs closest friends are CHRISTIANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    mariah is AGAINST the illuminati & BEEN a christian hence why they are trying to ruin her image but FAILING.. I'm not even going to bother watching this cus anyone who knows the truth kNOWS mariah worships GOD!!!! this is so meaningless & utterly REACHING!!!!

    paranoid bitch!!!

  9. Eric Ayala says:

    This fool could go into a hospital and pinpoint why the whole building is based on the Illuminati. DUDE, you are crazy.

  10. Firstly, the music video was filmed in her house…. That throws out all the silly ideas of symbolism because all those things were there already before she even thought of filming a music video…… Secondly, Mariah has said on numerous occasions that she wanted to burn a wedding dress in a music video, she has been waiting since we Belong Together to do so and she had been married and engaged since….. The idea that Mariah does not believe in marriage is absurd as well as the fact that she disagrees with marriage and believes in having several sex partners considering that her ex husband has stated that she is very into the bible and does not believe in sex before marriage….. The song itself is based on personal experience with a man she could not trust, in no way did she imply that marriage is bad, she implied that marriage to someone you can't trust is bad……. The burning of the wedding dress is a symbol of their relationship being over, not the entire institution of marriage…. Mariah has also released several gospel songs and has even credited God for her success….. The sun being in a music video is a coincidence because, hello they are outside, where is the sun supposed to be??? the use of butterflies in album art only started after she releases a song titled Butterfly, if she really was illuminati would she not have carried this symbol with her throughout the nineties which is seen as her most successful period??? After the butterfly symbols started, her popularity declined, will the devil not have helped her be more successful now that she has him to help her???

  11. God I hope Mariah doesn't die, being in the trunk of a carm and/or drowning.. predictive programming?

  12. Blue says:

    sometimes Christians can be betray also… no?

  13. Or Ms. Love says:

    This is so so stupid! Mariah Carey is a free woman and she did alot of good things! saved people life, helped to needy kids etc!!!!!
    this hate so ugly!
    you need find some life you hater the only satan here!
    she is a woman with angelic voice and good heart.
    And the reason her voice not like it used to be that's because her nodules on the vocal cords.
    And because she sang years without rest all this high notes!

    Remember her beautiful words from Artist of the Decade Acceptance Speech at the 2000 Billboards Awards.

    "Forget the image, forget the ensembles, forget the rumors, forget the short skirts, big hair, whatever! I owe this to the fans and I will never forget you so I want to accept this award on behalf of all of you. We've come a long way and I feel like I'm just getting started because as an artist, and more importantly as a person, I am genuinely happy and finally, finally free to be who I really am. Thank you."

    She is a true legend and she is amazing songwriter and composer!

  14. Kyle Stevens says:

    You really reachin on some of this shit

  15. Sammy Varté says:

    This is reaching. Mariah Carey is an artist. If anything, she is someone who fights against the elites and the powers that be. Find Christ, narrator!

  16. I would probably believe you if she didn't have so much positive, uplifting, inspiring songs. And Mariah doesn't believe in premarital sex. Even nick said that they never did anything till they got married. And she never has had any scandals with guys. She has only been in relationships where they atleast plan to get married. And all this "satanic" is kinda far fetched because there is barely anything except sexiness. Like look at Beyoncé how much satanic stuff she has. Mariah barely has any illuminati stuff except for sexiness. She doesn't have demons or darkness. Most of her songs are about love and inspirational.

  17. Omg this is stupid. She directed and came up with the concept of this video. This was filmed at her old fiancés mansion that she was gonna share with him when they were to be married as a fuck you to him. It's not her fault that house has a "half sun" whatever design on some arches. And that it has a nice chandelier and nice interior. She's comfortable with her own body. Is she not allowed to feel sexy? She's been that way since 1997. She's sending a message to him showing what he's missing out on. The water on the cars isn't symbolic of anything. It was raining here in L.A. when she filmed this. (I don't live too far from where it was filmed.) All the butterfly stuff is symbolic of her freedom. She had a turbulent marriage to her record label president who was controlling and manipulative. Controlling her image, what she would wear, or where she was allowed to go. Her so called "handler" as you people call it. She had enough so she divorced him and expressed her new found freedom and new image and sound with the release of an album called "Butterfly" and song "Butterfly" which she said symbolized her freedom. Not because of some illuminati bullshit. Ever since then, it's been cemented as an integral part of her image. She also came out with an album called "The Emancipation of Mimi" "Emancipation" what does that mean? Freedom. She was given complete control of what she wanted to do with the album. No one was telling her what to do. She's a smart woman and dosen't let her guard down easily. She's Mariah Carey. She's listens to herself. She's been in this business long enough, she knows what she's doing. Watch videos from her 2016 Tour and Vegas residency. She can still sing. Two bad performances shouldn't define her entire career. But people are too critical nowadays and find flaws in everything. Please do something more productive than whatever this is…

  18. Peridot says:

    hahahah so many delusional people here. get a life bro.hahaha possessed ? all her fan knows that she is always been like that since 1998 and the butterfly represents her freedom from Tommy Motola

  19. yerayo says:

    Ohhh missed it. Try again.

  20. Sonja M. says:

    I don't believe that age has no barren on her voice getting messed up, its the drugs..alcohol and sodomy….like the road Whitney Houston went down.

  21. man this is the dumbest shit I've ever seen this is rediculous bro if I ever got a chance to talk to you person to person I'd tell you what you need to do bro seriously this is tarnishing people's name and image god is real and ultimately we Do not know these people personally nevertheless Christ has won already you sound stupid so regardless of any evil good has won get your shit together you're just ranting

  22. I watched your Shirley Temple video kinda scary got me thinking about Corey Feldman he was molested as kid and he was speaking out about it. I believe him and you. I'm new subscriber keep up the good videos. did you do Marilyn Monroe I believe she was murdered by JFK or Secret Service

  23. yes you gotta look at all signs for tranny's. my sister and other girls at my work have longer ring fingers. im just sayin for those that just look at fingers. all good

  24. honestly this is stupid

  25. hi ZILLA says:

    Y'all need Jesus.

  26. is this Bruce Blitz lol???

  27. Tom Santo says:

    Who cares for this bitch..

  28. Mariah Carey is cloned illuminati is evil

  29. 7:29 mark nails it: she's in the red dress (high level witchcraft, Whore of Babylon) burning the wedding dress (Bride of Christ) all symbolic mind control to make choosing Christ seem like the wrong decision. Sad all the way around. Sad for her, sad for everyone else that follows that path and sad for the people who don't even have eyes to see it. Thanks for revealing this. GBU

  30. hey brother give me a shout out we need support

  31. Kathy Brown says:

    Thank you Sonny. God bless you and keep you.

  32. Black wolf says:

    These videos make me lust

  33. Really the stair rail ?

  34. Hey brother, good video, however that thumbnail can really make someone stumble.

    Anyways, God Bless.

  35. ill sell out hey free money fuck it

  36. OhNo Randy says:

    hey everybody!! best intro

  37. Tom Phillips says:

    she's a tranny look at the ring finger

  38. Tom Phillips says:

    she been lip sinking and audio tuning

  39. This is what happens when you abandon family values.
    They have successfully taken morals away from society and made money, fame, and sex the only thing that should matter.
    It is sick.

  40. DJ Quasar says:

    That thumbnail tho.

  41. illumiNOT says:

    Nice Christian thumbnail………………………

  42. Gussy Gatlin says:

    She is definitely a MeMe, lol

  43. Gussy Gatlin says:

    I'm So Heart Broken…

  44. Gussy Gatlin says:

    She Didn't Have A Meltdown!! The Elite Are Making Her Look Bad!!!!

  45. praise JESUS brother, yes rather expose those things contrary to GODS truth . well done !

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