Mariah Carey Secrets Exposed-Illuminati, MK Ultra, Cloning and Much More


Okay we all know that Mariah Carey is short a couple of screws. But what is with the battle between Jennifer Lopez and her. I also let you know if she’s a victim of …


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  1. YoYo32071 says:

    Mariah and J HOE, are evil women.. J HOE, sacrifice little Mexican children, she has an alter in her house and this bitch has her own kids.. Satan, is their God..

  2. this was a great video I think you do a very good job in exposing everybody and I say keep up the good work

  3. Lilac Blu says:

    I don't think she's ever been in control

  4. Lj Jones says:

    say that ish Truth!! right on point with the whole mind control Mk Ultra shit ! right on point! I love your videos!

  5. Terryz T says:

    + the truth show
    I have been saying Mariah Carey was replaced for some time now.
    I don't know if it's in MK Ultra mind control or if they killed her and cloned her.
    her obsessed followers call the Lambs are lambmily.. claim to love this woman so much they idolize her. but they can't even tell she's been replaced.
    her voice is not the same her personality is not the same she really doesn't even look the same. why can't her fans see this? I have no idea.
    I believe a lot of celebrities are cloned replaced, and sadly I believe Mariah Carey was one of them.
    she was one of my favorite singers under Whitney Houston who was eventually cloned and replaced and then her image was killed off.
    look at pictures of Whitney Houston. there was at least two Whitney Houston's during the I Look to You era.
    Whitney Houston's clone was also inferior to the original Whitney Houston. I'm a big fan of Whitney Houston and I realized something was wrong with her when she came back with I Look To You.
    nobody seems to notice that she looked different from before. she looked taller and more broad shoulders she spoke with a lisp.
    maybe they killed Bobbi Kristina because she got the knowledge that her mom was cloned. and they killed Bobbi Kristinain in a symbolic way… the same way they killed her mother and the same way they killed the Whitney Houston clone replacements is the same way they killed Bobbi Kristina the daughter of Whitney Houston.
    thank you for this vid..
    the complete face of evil is being unveiled.

  6. That's not even her rapping dumb ass

  7. Sis.Blue says:

    This video is mostly about Jennifer Lopez and her stealing songs from other artists which was not only Mariah but other artists…WoW Good info I didn't know about…She is another diva from Hollyweird.Of course they know each other in Hollyweird that means all celebs in Hollyweird they are ordered to go to the underground Ritual Parties where anything goes.Sex with animals, each other,eating poop etc.Mariah and Jennifer are both definitely clones and under MK ultra;but Mariah is under it and very heavy.Jennifer just like Rihanna uses voice overs for ALL their songs;but sometimes Mariah uses it too.Mariah has a new body or clone but her voice was stolen from the original sadly….The rabbit hole is very,very deep in Hollyweird;and more crazy stuff about illuminati Hollyweird.??..So dont believe what comes out these celebs mouths.Do your own research on YouTube and the internet

  8. Reggie Banks says:

    ummm what was the point of this video? You didn't tell us anything new that we weren't already aware of lady…. you took up too much of the video using someone else's video that we've already seen

  9. MC Pony says:

    mariah is real bitch. but i get your point. i believe mariah almost got killed/sacrificed during her glitter/breakdown era.

  10. Sambanks says:

    Mariah is just a dried up cunt that nobody likes anymore and just seen by the public as a weirdo.

  11. Renard Diggs says:

    YOU ARE INSANE, honestly.

  12. It's ironic that she's stealing songs from people who can actually sing when she can't. Her live vocals are awful & that's being really generous

  13. Michael T. says:

    All this video did was, once again, remind me that J-Old steals songs from people who can actually sing…. Was this what you were tryna tell us sweetie? we all already knew lol.

  14. ?? this bitch is stupid MC isn't in illuminati smh ppl be trippin I didn't even watch it this is just rediculous she's been saying forever that ppl in the industry doesn't like her because she doesn't follow that shit where's the report button

  15. This video is such a drama XD literally

  16. Adolphin says:

    Um the they tried to ruin her career tho ….

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