Marijuana Documentary – Northwest Trees (2016)


Marijuana documentary 2016 – An independent documentary film by Ben Grayzel. I made this marijuana documentary in 6 weeks during a break from University.


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  1. bishplis says:

    2016's reefer madness by kids? wtf is this shit

  2. bishplis says:

    40:30 "im addicted to marijuana" is a long term alcoholic and heroin addict, jesusfuck

  3. jonnystaffs says:

    I really like hate like how like Americans like speak and stuff. It sounds like they're like fucking like retarded or something. Oh wait…they like are…or something.

  4. Connor Young says:

    the kids quit for 2 weeks straight and went back so they lady classifies them as addicts . WHATTT????? shes fucking insane, if they were addicted they wouldve given in within like 4 days.

  5. Brandon says:

    Someone please explain why people are still combating marijuana to alcohol? Saying that you shouldn't do it X amount of times a day as if there's any good reason not to. Week days I smoke 2-4 times a day. On weekends I might smoke a blunt every hour or two all day long. Some people are idiots, some aren't… Some marijuana users are idiots, some aren't… That's all there is to it. Some of the more intelligent most motivated people I know have been smoking very frequently for 20+ years. Some of the stupidest people I've ever met have never smoked in their life. The driving while high thing, what fucking evidence does this bitch have to say it's worse? It's called an accident for a reason. Whether high or not they can and do happen. Sometimes it happens to someone that's high and it would have happened either way. I don't know of one situation that I've been in that I wouldn't of been able to avoid an accident just because I was high.

  6. Jamie Shine says:

    I have had seizures after dabbing or smoking cloves along with cannabis. I still vape daily and dab occasionally. I'm on seizure medication and it totally sucks! After watching this video I realize I'm not the only one who has seizures because of cannabis use. Interesting…

  7. PO3000 says:

    Good documentary, people with still developing brains shouldn't really smoke marijuana, let alone do dabs every day holy shit… I liked the ending, seeing how much money is made from it in the US a part of that tax could be diverted to education about the drug, as should be done for all drugs.

  8. Jonas Blatt says:

    Very good documentary

  9. Alex Nollen says:

    Dude I live 11 miles away from salem at 39 miles away from Eugene!!!

  10. your documentaries are sick

  11. Ali Amir says:

    Who else watching this high

  12. Teh Auty says:

    This "rapper" kid is so fucking lame lmfao and getting high doesn't matter how much you weigh, its not alcohol. Boy more sus than Steve Urkel.

  13. i bet in almost every city there's at least one high school with a big weed culture

  14. what is that song at 28:00?

  15. "it slows time" tf bitch. you nuts!!!!

  16. Ben Grayzel says:

    If you would like to help fund my next project, please consider donating here:
    I want to continue putting my work online for free to get the information out! Thank you!

  17. Xavier says:

    what song is tht @ 27:46

  18. babag tisoy says:

    its for all of us! …at 32:06 that guy is baked af.

  19. Mixing weed with tobacco is an oxymoron

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