Marine Boot Camp RAW Footage


CBS 7 travelled to Marine Corps Recruiting Depot San Diego in June 2014 for a taste of Marine Boot Camp.

Here is the raw footage of what we saw the first few hours at MCRD.


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  1. Camino377 says:

    Not gonna lie, this looks fun as fuck.

  2. for marine reserves are the mos only available for them are they only jobs like mechanics or technicians? active duty are the ones that get field mos correct?

  3. BlezentFott says:

    17:40 "EVERYTHING WAS SUPPOSE TO COME OUT OF YOUR WALLET!!!!!!" If that was a condom……

  4. Laurence D says:

    That recruit who rolled his eyes! If I had rolled my eyes at an nco when I was in basic training in the british army I would have woken up in the medical centre

  5. Is this Paris island or San Diego?

  6. My little brother is in San Diego for this. He arrived this past Tuesday.

  7. Fred Brice says:

    Brings back fond memories.

  8. Korea is a reservist in Korea. We always give thanks and hard work to USFK. When Korea and the US are constant ally, it is a symbol of liberal democracy.

  9. John Demarco says:

    Boot camp was the best seeing guys break so easy

  10. Is this a joke lol I seriously can't even understand what they are saying all I hear is some guy screaming. I would think there is better manner of communication but I'm sure there is some method to this madness.

  11. Ben Dover says:

    "Everything was supposed to come out of your wallet"!!! ?

  12. MG.Ravenov says:

    ok!!! is too much:)

  13. Sun Lite says:

    Interesting the recruits are read the Constitution and swear to abide by it. Obama doesn't. Wars are started by old men and fought by young men.
    America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves. Abraham Lincoln

  14. I recently signed up with the Marine Corps. I've got a lot of work to do.

  15. Sometimes the hardest part is to keep from laughing at the TIs.

  16. Who's leaving to Camp Pendleton on Monday?

  17. alan smlth says:

    People who go into any service cannot seem to think for themselves. Military will think for you ,tell you when to eat, sleep and crap and take orders and make you into a human robot. you will lose all your own thinking, God gave us a sound mind, and God made us into his image, not the Army, Marine ,Navys Image. This is Just a Way to Control others with mind,head games. Learn to think for yourself ,God`s thoughts.

  18. I have the urge to join the Marine Corps because I feel that I will learn some valuable warrior traits then if I were to join the Airforce. I feel like the Air force would be too easy.

  19. Damn, did people just recently start getting short as fuck? XD

  20. These DIs are pathetic. When I went in 90% of the DIs were grunts …….vietnam era grunts. At some point in the last 20 years the marine corps decided they wanted DIs from every mos. Big mistake

  21. Matt Allen says:

    if any of the guys yelled at me in my face i d punch them and throw my stuff with disrespect i d i ve a fit

  22. One4theworld says:

    This is where I would use my calm sweet Michael Jackson voice to say "ay ay sir"   Yeah, perfect timing. I can just see  it.

  23. CAM99ISHERE says:

    Wow I love the sound of this music "aye sir!!" "aye sir!!"

  24. One4theworld says:

    when they had to put their things in the red bin, they might as well detached their dicks too n handed it over.  Its not yours anymore. but thanks for the video.  Too bad I can't find detailed female military process videos as long as this.

  25. This is why America has the most badass powerful beast of a military in the world

  26. listerone says:

    Hollywood Marines

  27. 黄磊軒 says:

    Some sort of behind the scenes with the Marine Corps

  28. 黄磊軒 says:

    That's harsh…I couldn't even listen to the orders from the officers clearly…and at some point another officer sort of had his voice out of his range

  29. Matt Moore says:

    I'm going to be a marine one day even though I'm only 13

  30. Huh buses.I rode in a cattle car to my basic unit from reception in the Army. And cattle cars and 2 1/2 tons the rest of the time if we got lucky enough to not walk. Ya'll had buses…

  31. Hallzy says:

    less than a week out, oh my god im so pumped

  32. Antonio C says:

    what's the number they call?

  33. Zabian Vela says:

    The Marine core don't fuck around. I'll be joining the Navy, but if you're going to the Marines or plan on to, I commend you.

  34. Zabian Vela says:

    I wouldn't be surprised if one of those DI's passed out…

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