Mark Levin: Barack Obama has planted the seeds for World War III (audio from 07-14-2015)


Mark Levin talks about Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran and discusses the issue with four guests : At 08:15 Mark talks with Eli Lake Bloomberg View ; …


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  1. Fred Vanhees says:

    I don't believe for one second that he's "a fool". No Sir-ee. He's insane (cfr his middle name), consumed by a visceral hate for white people, for america, and for the west in general.

  2. Joel Johnson says:

    Keep your eyes and ears open for September 2015

  3. Mark is THE BEST Conservative talk show host by far! I love Savage but Mark wins overall. I can only take so many meatball recipes and dream analysis for so long.   KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK MARK

  4. guru dogg says:

    The leadership in USA is mentally ill, period. The mental illness started during the formation years when the leaders were growing up on drugs, booze & sex. USAtupid voters voted these sick people in to prepare us for fUSAneral. Khruschev predicted our demise & said your working class will bury you (itself through voting in evil leaders who will self destruct by paying enemies to bomb us).

  5. jeffrey cole says:

    if MR. LEVIN ran for president I would vote for him!

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