Read DESCRIPTION Just before COMMENTING – ” What looks like a swarm of flies (or dust?) all-around the Mars rover Curiosity as it nears Mount Sharps river bank deep in Gale Crater. Is the sand right here moist underneath the dry dusty floor? If there is drinking water in the riverbed, then there may possibly well be insects also. In this selfie the rover arm has been cloned out of the image. Appear at the decrease suitable of the picture. The image is compiled from a lot of lesser images stitched jointly and a lot of of the lens artefacts are from the Mahli digital camera and are multiplied in the stitching compliation process.
Why is so significantly supposedly bone dry sand trapped to the Rovers wheels? Is there significantly additional drinking water up there than we are told? The tracks seem extremely dark underneath the leading sand.

Several of these dark blobs in the image are actually caused by missing pixels, but most are surely not. They are darker and the same form every time. These are lighter and brown in colour with motion blur.
Also if it was sand on the digital camera it would be significant blurry blobs in the image not compact insect like specs. Place a spec of sand on your digital camera lens and consider it ”

Graphic Credit history:

NASA’s Curiosity Mars rover utilised the digital camera at the conclude of its arm in April and May perhaps 2014 to acquire dozens of component images combined into this self-portrait in which the rover drilled into a sandstone target known as “Windjana.” The digital camera is the Mars Hand Lens Imager (MAHLI), which beforehand recorded portraits of Curiosity at two other critical websites throughout the mission: “Rock Nest” (PIA16468) and “John Klein” (PIA16937).

NASA Graphic Link:

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“NASA Intentionally DESTROYS MARS FOSSIL Back IN 2007”.

ArtalienTV has now uncovered hundreds of Mars anomalies like: Aircraft, boats / ships, UFO / USO wreckage with innumerable alien skulls & fossils. Also like humanoids but mainly Mars animals of all types. Primates like Wonderful Apes & Monkeys, a lot of Reptiles, Dinosaurs, Maritime Creatures, Birds, land Mammals and a lot of nonetheless to be categorized creatures.
The to start with marine fossil was identified on Mars back again in 2007 by the Option rover team who proceeded to ruin the starfish like fossil with the rock abrasion resource before long after it was noticed. Deliberate sabotage. This proves to me (if there was at any time any question) that not only was there daily life on Mars in the past but NASA just really don’t care one minor bit about it. This frame of mind clarifies there nonsensical explanations for a lot of latest anomalies like the Mars leg bone.
Despite this and a lot of other circumstances of deliberate sabotage by NASA, I do believe that there are nevertheless some in the corporation who are truly seeking to help us scientists and do literally toss us a bone to chew on the moment in a while. There are now hoards of scientists from all-around the environment seeing NASA’s each individual shift who are eagerly awaiting the new ESA rover Beagle two to land on Mars in 2016.
Potentially only then we will get some in concentration, un foggy, unobfuscated crystal clear photos. That really don’t seem worse than types taken in the US civil war back again in the 1860’s by Bob the shaky digital camera male who was blind in one eye, had a awful limp and was prone to sneezing profusely whilst employing his primitive digital camera. He had a violent inclination of capturing up the image plates with his Colt 44 in a healthy of paranoia that bemused onlookers to the level that he was shunned by modern society and dealt with as a social leper.
I am shocked NASA did’t dig him up and make him Curiosity team chief of the photographic obfuscation division in which he could sit capturing up laptop or computer displays each individual time a possible alien skull or bone fossil arrived up.
But they are likely employing facial recognition software program to do it in its place as the whiskey invoice is fewer and it would alert them to any front on facial capabilities within medium variety of the rovers cameras.
This may possibly explain why you under no circumstances see a skull from the front. Most of my a lot of specimens are aspect on.
In the two several years of the Curiosity mission it has drilled a handful of holes and meandered all-around slower than a lost snail with athletes foot and broken its wheels likely by running over innumerable artefacts and fossils.
NASA declared just lately that there is two% drinking water on Mars according to the latest drill samples.
They have been on Mars given that 1978 and have only just come to that conclusion? Will need I say additional?

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  1. @ Juliana Brown – Well if its just dirt on the lens, why don't you volunteer to go clean it by hand… I recon you'd have all of 10 seconds wipe it before your eyes got sucked out and you bodily fluids evaporate… now that would leave shit on the lens hey… It would be more fun than reading your so well thought out reply.

    use your brain, think, don't embarrass yourself so readily… just don't….. please just don't because, as my 12 year old would say; "It's GAY"….. Debate is one thing, ideas are another… your comment fell way short of both – either a shill, a moron, both – or worse…

  2. I'm glad its not just me that questions how it takes a "selfie" whilst not being attached to the main rover that we can see anywhere…

    Does the rover have a companion "crew" that wander around with it taking these selfies? If you look at just a random selection of mars images/gigapans etc we can clearly see a civilization obliterated planet – geometric shapes, broken technology, carvings and much much more.

    When will the "powers that be" just admit it, there was life, it was destroyed in a cataclysm – probably nuclear and for sure vast electronic weapons (Scars and terrain confirm this for me – just look at the "Valles Marineris and elctrical discharges"!) there is still bacterial life on the surface and a whole lot more hidden beneath.

    If the world can watch Trump become the President of the most powerful nation on the Planet (debateable…) then sure we can handle the fact there is life beyond our little rock….

    It's ridiculous that they deny, deny a bit more then treat us like 7 year old fucktards.

  3. SmoothRide says:

    Not to rule out the notion, those could very well be bugs in the photo, but if I'm not mistaken, the wind blows all the time on Mars. Could it be those are fine dust particles blowing about? Or dust on the camera lens? The only way to know for certain, it would seem, is to send somebody to Mars and find out.

  4. Harlon David says:

    I'm really starting to question whether or not this is actually Mars?

  5. tarry mayhew says:

    It's simple, the rover isn't on mars, it's on earth, that's why theirs a river and insects and wet sand, Duhhhh

    Oh yeah theirs only aliens on mars, everyone knows that. ?

  6. yeah my explanation is it's fake the thing sitting in Arizona somewhere and somebody doing a selfie with it

  7. you think it's an arm you really believe that crock you don't expect me to believe this do you that it has a invisible arm taking a picture of itself man this is such bull you really believe this things on Mars come on man

  8. who the he'll knows who took the picture of the rover, perhaps NASA air brushed it in to play a joke on you pessimistic sob's, lol !!!

  9. hey do you know if they have taken radiation readings because I read a lot that people say there was a former nuclear war on Mars?

  10. did you notice the sand storms look to have beat the shit out of the very top of the Rover the cylinder looking thing

  11. oh wow the Rover wheels are looking really shitty with holes in it even

  12. aaaaaaaasa you didn't just say mosquitoes are flies did you LMAO okay now I'm beginning to see why only sixteen thousand subscribers when there's 1.1 million views LOL just saying bro

  13. oh wow,great point!!! impossible selfie lol

  14. ?????? the size of a picture isn't going to hurt anyone's computer, if anything at all it would just take longer to download that just was a funky comment man

  15. 1.1 million views but only 16thousand subscribers? weird

  16. watch the video "mars alive" he got a close up of the bug on the rover!¡

  17. Insects? What are we believe they live on? Plants? Animals? hummm? Maybe they eat rocks and sand. That must be it cause there's nothing else on the planet.

  18. Is it not possible those things are just particles kicked up by the movement of the rover or cameras?

  19. Mary Tammero says:

    They are most likely flies, we have them here on earth, and this is where this image was taken.

  20. Can't wait for the solar panels to clean themselves AGAIN. .

  21. It's in Greenland dumbo. Those are insects. Google it.

  22. Lee Brewer says:

    The selfie, neomg [atched top gether, has information missing. This can be seen by the cut off shadows at the bottom of the pic.

    The sand color difference is likely from the undisturbed "sand" covering that has been continually exposed to the high levels of radiation (which is one of the main concerns about man going there) hitting the surface for thousands of years and altering the top layer.

    If the radiation theory does not prove true, the there is also the possibility of exactly what you said – a darker layer under a lighter one. Look up the Nazca Lines (ancient lines debunked video here on youtube) and you will find that these different colored layers on vast expanses of the earth were taken advantage of by an ancient people to make large scale pathways/drawings in their worship of nature.

  23. We live on a flat earth and nasa lies about going to mars search for ERIC DUBAY on youtube. We all live in a very sick dream that NASA have created! We all need to wake up and look at real sience on this planet. Its all FAKE! i used to love nasa and space but it is not real sience.

  24. The spots are defiantly specs of crap on the lenses. Not a grain of "sand" but very fine like baby powder. the is was is causing the stuff to stick so well to the wheels as well. Ionization helps too. Try waling through a pile of dry baby powder and see if you can manage keeping your shoes clean. The difference in surface and sub surface color is cause by the upper few centimeters of dust being bakes for millions of years under the sun. Winds on mars can mix soil up a bit but not as much or as fast as here on a rover over it though and it turns up the darker material. It's a little more complicated than that but I see no real point wasting any more time explaining things to you that you should've looked into before forming these kinds of opinions. I completely skipped the missing camera arm because half the world knows how photo shop works. Speaking of that though, don't you think they would've paid a kid to come in and remove all the alien insects from the photograph before releasing it to the public if they were trying to hide something. You seem to now know very much about how cameras work. Or space exploration, or logic….

  25. Donald Wears says:

    more proof that all rovers are here on earth.

  26. LF Hunter says:

    I have seen several selfies with no rover arm showing. Maybe the rover has a drone that we do not know about?

  27. All of those dots look the same amount of darkness if you zoom in enough. Theyre all image artifacts

  28. Disabling the likes and dislikes makes you look weak

  29. Derredmax says:

    Great one brah. oh yes brother way to pay attention. I can tell you exactly how that works, It doesn't. What works is you providing more proof that NASA has a bad case of pants on fire. NASA Never, A ,Straight, Answer,.

  30. nikamota says:

    So,Curiosity has a wide angle lens camera,mounted within a
    turret at the end of a robotic arm which can
    extend 6 feet from the front of the rover which then "could be pointed
    at the rover to image rover hardware on Mars"

    A "selfie stick", in other words.(albeit a very sophisticated selfie
    stick housing another 4 devices)

    The MAHLI camera can be turned back towards Curiosity and take an image
    of the rover using a wide angle lens.

    So what's all this nonsense about having to stitch together many images
    and then having to edit out the robotic arm containing the camera which
    took the images?

    And when you look at the 360 degree panoramic here :

    The claims make even less sense…

    In this image here,a "self-portrait"

    You can see one of the robotic arms' "rotary actuators" but not the arm
    itself,nor the turret containing the MAHLI camera (well,you wouldnt see
    the turret anyway for obvious reasons) The arm holding the MAHLI camera
    is not in the image (which is the claim,and when you zoom in,you can see
    the image has been altered)

    The image appears to show the result of a camera being placed on the end
    of an arm extending from the body of Curiosity,taking a picture of
    Curiosity and finally the arm holding the camera being edited out…and that's
    it. (Appearing as if someone had just walked up and taken a picture).

    So why do the NASA claim that it was a far more complicated process than
    it appears? (Don't answer that one,I know the NASA don't tell us the

    The image could easily have been taken right here on Earth by the way,we
    know the NASA have been caught out faking Mars "images" (amongst other

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