Maryland Residents Are Sick Of Being Spied On And Tearing Down Police Cameras


Geoffrey Ingersoll
Business Insider

Police in Palmer Park, Md., plan to deploy cameras to surveil the other other cameras in their district.

Ari Ash of WTOP talked to police in the area, who said that local people had started targeting the speed cameras police put up in intersections, as well as surveillance cameras. The police said that since April, six people have been involved camera damaging activities.

One man literally pulled out a pistol and used the camera for target practice. Police found another speed camera flipped over—leading police to believe a gang of people committed the crime, considering the weight of the camera. Then there was the camera set up on a stand, near FedEx Field. A man walked up to it, cut off one of the legs, and walked away.

“I guess that makes a statement,” Prince George’s County Police Maj. Robert V. Liberati told WTOP. “But we were able to just attach another leg.”

He said he didn’t get too worried until the fire. Yes, one of the cameras incinerated.

Liberati, who’s the commander of the Automated Enforcement Section, in other words “speed cameras,” says each camera can cost up to $30,000. They needed to do something to deter the camera saboteurs. Liberati thought cameras to watch the cameras was a good solution.

Liberati said that speed cameras, under Maryland state law, can only be used to track speeding violations, so the station ordered separate surveillance cameras.

One is in place already, and the department hopes to have a dozen more by the end of the year.

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  1. Ed1965 says:

    People across the nation need to begin using any and all surveillance cameras for target practice……EVERYWHERE.
    Tell these globalist bass tards to shove these cameras where the sun doesn’t shine.
    Heck,one group of dedicated camera caretakers could caretake hundreds in a single night. You can’t tell me that there will funds wasted on constantly replacing the damnable things if these are destroyed as fast as they put them up.

    When my generation was young, had these been put up, we would have made certain they were not functioning within the week.
    What the h€|| has happened to Americans..candy@$$€d little wimps who kiss butt and do what they are told…….GIVE ME A BREAK!

  2. gunslinger1964 says:

    Tear them down tell these bastards we had enough of robbing the people because they are greedy little scum bags, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH !

  3. This will end in the police station being torched because the police are the source of the problem. How about voting in an MP or Mayor or Councilman who will simply disallow setting up the cams?

  4. Chris Watson says:

    are they going to post cameras to watch the cameras watching the cameras?

  5. Rafe Husain says:

    use civilian drones to paintball cameras? good practive for cheap drones.

  6. f8te says:


  7. Harry Johnson says:

    The cameras are part of the privatization of government. The cameras are all run by private companies taking their cut off the top. Government for sale to any two bit sleazeball with a line of nonsense. and a sales scam. There is no such thing as ethical business today.

  8. Larry Hooten says:

    Let the Authoritarians put up their surveillance cameras. Just means you need to take them out first. lol
    But Arizona is correct. Go to the City Council and tell them to take them down or lose their jobs. This isn't Soviet Russia. We're supposed to have RIGHTS here!

  9. Sovereign says:

    Shoot them down! Tear them all down!

  10. I say use a paintball gun to take care of them!

  11. FREE! says:


  12. D. Drake says:

    BIG BUSINESS is exactly what they are trying to conduct. They will need to double the tickets from an already unjust $250.00 to $500.00 to pay for all their little extortion devices. Who can afford to PAY for all this. Shouldn’t we be feeding the hungry and POOR that are oppressed by this self-perpetuating bloodsucking POLICE STATE? No, we need PENSIONS and SALARIES that the common bloke is not permitted to think about. All in the name of SAFETY. The ONLY safety that is of concern here is the safety of JOB SECURITY by the increase of LIBERAL/MARXIST BIG GOVERNMENT.

    • Tearlach Uisnech Lugus says:

      Hey you guys across the big pond in England are housing the heads of the NWO in your country. The Rothschilds and Royals are in England! They run and are part of the 13 Families of the NWO!

  13. L.A. says:


  14. Bill says:

    people, keep, tearing them down its an intrusion on all of our rights, and its time to shut the police stations down also if need be, pull all funding from local budgets and reclassify for a new police group which is on the side of the people and not on the side of the militarized police force. its time they go!!!!!!

  15. Stan Sikorski says:

    I cannot stress enough the purchase, practice and use of anti-camera guns, otherwise known as paintball guns. I am also working on a line of thermite based flares that can be dropped right on top of camera boxes that will burn their way thru the case and into the soft bits.

    • BIg Bob says:

      No…There is a crime ONLY if someone, or something is damaged. If going 60 in a 25 is a crime, then every donut-eating cop whizzing down the road at 60 in a 25 is ALSO guilty of a crime. Red Christmas lights and screaming cat notwithstanding.
      Why do we have so many numbskulls out there always defending the Gang in Blue?
      Oh, I forgot. The slave is ALWAYS beholden to his MASTER.
      OK Stan, keep groveling and maybe the next time one of your heroes stops you for going 28 in a 25 he might not taser you.

  16. Going 60MPH in a 25MPH zone is a real crime. Cameras should stay. If you can't do the time then don't do the crime, dummies.

  17. ARIZONA says:

    hahaha,I got news for you guys tearing down the cameras,you need to go to the town council meetings,AND THROW THE TRAITORS out into the street,then go to the police dept.and throw the traitors out into the street,there calling you criminals,even thou they know its against the US CONSTUTITION to spy on the people, the founding fathers called that treason,and thats exactily what there doing no matter what kind of lies those lying whores say,THROW THE WHORES OUT INTO THE STREET………………BETTER yet give them a ticket to a commie country where they’ll be much happyer………………………………………….

  18. Brave hearts pray for more especially in Washington

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