Massive UFO Creates Solar Reaction?


However a further bizarre UFO caught by the Photo voltaic and Heliospheric Observatory, but this time the item appears to bring about a substantial reaction to the Sunlight. I never assume this is a glitch or pixel, the item is seen in various frames which is unconventional and in my belief is proof, that substantial unidentified objects are both working with the Sunlight as a gateway to other universes, or probably are working with these stars for fuel, who understands.

More Sunlight UFOs Listed here: at?v=eEOTcsqsrMc&list=PL3um0Chn7c0AiH7RBKoPp_XaJ8hWbfbOo

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  1. Ken Karnes says:

    B1RD, close to camera.

  2. Steve Adams says:

    The Leonardo da Vinci painting , when its mirrored it looks like Darth Vader lol

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    …Oh crap…Just read my name!

  4. Arch Angel says:

    The 'WHITE DOVE' -The Spirit of the universe.

  5. Arch Angel says:

    Maybe solar flares are only ejected when a portal opens to incoming or outgoing craft?

  6. hostile race
    nothing good sittin in this enourmous spacecraft

  7. Coil Smoke says:

    Clearly a Klingon masturbating with both hands @8:59

  8. Ezincr says:

    Notice it's in 2 frames before it slingshots around the sun ( smaller white circle) and 1 frame after, because it has picked up speed!
    Also it looks longer in the last frame, because it's going faster in the final frame it's captured in.
    I think it just grazed the sun got a massive energy influx and picked up speed as it banked a slingshot turn around our star, the sun reacts geomagnetically sending out a big flare a few frames later.
    Very interesting footage, I wonder what it actually is, becouse it must be massive and fast if it's an object in the traditional sense.

  9. Black Sun says:

    Flat earth

    You know the smartest people who do science know it's flat.. they are smart enough to see it, but are paid to say the opposite.. they HAVE to say it all day earth is 1 planet amongst countless millions, but at the end of the day it's flat THEY know it, its YOU that doesn't know it. That's the power they have over us….
    They know it, we don't…
    You teach slaves what is needed….
    How do you control a crowd, you preform an act, sooo good that they all run to it.. in this case would be the BIG BANG.. They make us inconceivably small and insignificant compare to the "Universe".
    Nikola Tesla is and will always be the smartest person who ever walked on this place….
    "Earth is a realm, it is not a planet, it has no edge. Earth would be easily defined as a system environment l, Earth is also a machine, it is a Tesla Coil. The sun and moon are SAME and powered wirelessly with the electromagnetic field (the Aether). This field also suspends the celestial spheres with electromagnetic levitations ELECTROMAGNETIC LEVITATIONS DISPROVES GRAVITY because the only force you need to counter is the electromagnetic force, NOT GRAVITY. The stars are ATTACHED TO THE FIRMAMENT."
    Also on their main website of NASA
    In quote…..
    "This report derivers and defines a set of linearized matrices for a rigid aircraft of constant mass, flying in a STATIONARY ATMOSPHERE OVER A FLAT, NON ROTATING EARTH. Both generalized and standard linear system equations are derived from nonlinear six-degree-of-freedom equations of motion and a large collection of nonlinear observation (measurement) equations."

    Here where it gets scary…..
    Earths curvature
    10 miles..66.6
    20 miles..266.6
    40 miles..1,066.6
    50 miles..1666.6
    80 miles..4,266.6
    100 miles..6,666.6
    Earths tilt 66.6
    Earths gravitational force 6.66
    Earths speed 66,600
    Earths curvature 66.6
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    NAtSA(Look at their logo, the snake tongue with the white circle is the "t") SAtAN
    Apallo-Mission : Apallo The God of Light = Lucifer the lightbringer/Morningstar
    Mission/Project HighJump = How high is the firmament.
    Mission Fishbowl / Operation Dominic :
    Fishbowl = Firmament / Dominic = of(f) the LORD(God)
    Want more…
    Let's talk about math…..
    Before I get to the stars…
    • Let's talk about curvature….
    It's 1 mile per 8 inch square so if you stand at the edge of Grand Mere Stevensville, MI you're able to see the entire Chicago skyline with you're naked eye and the distance between the two is over 90 miles. The entire city should be over 5,402.06+ feet below view point. Not even the tallest building "Willis Tower" should be visible….
    Standing at Corsica, Elba's edge Isola d'Elba, Gorgona, Capraia, and Corsica are all visible with the naked eye and the distance between them is over 120 miles….. that should be 6,936.15+ feet below view point
    Balcony of the alps can be seen over 190 miles away…. that's 24,066.6667+ feet that should be below viewpoint
    Whats that suppose to mean!?!?
    It means that ALL water in this place is at level, that's why we call it "sea level" because all the water is flat… (water cannot curve)….. earth is 74% water do the math…..
    Lmfao !
    • Let's talk about stars….
    If the earth revolved around the sun, the stars you see tonight would be completely different from the stars you saw 6 months ago.
    Think hard….
    The earth is spinning at 1,000+ mph ? this way while "wobbling" on its axis points of a tilt of 66.6 and revolving around our sun at 106,660+ mph ?this way and our sun is traveling at 420,000+ mph ? this way and our galaxy itself traveling at 3,600,000+ mph ?this way… there's a lot of things happening, now….. HOW IN THE RIGHT FUCKING MIND CAN YOU GET PERFECT STAR TRAILS out of those wicked movements…..
    We should see the stars do all kinds of weird things in the sky…
    and we have a stationary star on top of that, now how can that be if earth is wobbling on its axes points at a tilt of 66.6 lol do the math…
    Why have sailors used the SAME stars to navigate the oceans for thousands of years,
    • Let's talk about planets…..
    Every planet in our solar system has its own unique orbit and speed around our sun.. so a speed should be like a fingerprint in the universe, like its own individual all the stars should have their own unique speed just like our planets do in our solar system…. so far all the stars have displayed "perfect" speeds with one another, they are ALL sharing the same speed not one is passing the other, according to the SAME FUCKING constellations that we have been seeing for the past "forever" lol.
    The problem here is that people are educated…
    We have been told this as we were growing up…. But you don't know anything really…
    • Let's talk about reality….
    The Mandela Effect keeps us from knowing reality…. For example..
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    -Forrest Gump Movie "Life (Is) Like A Box Of Chocolates." is now "Life (Was) Like A Box Of Chocolates."
    -Building Supply Stores (Home Depot) is now (The Home Depot)
    -Education System "You (Can't) Stop Light" is now "You (Can) Stop Light"
    -Reality "Earth is (Flat)." is now "Earth is (Round)".
    Just when you think you know it….. you don't know shit !!!

    Believe in our dear Lord…
    He's very much real..
    He loves us all, he even holds his breath for us..
    Believe and accept that God is real and that Jesus died for our sins.

  10. murat sonmez says:

    woww so interesting really… it is larger bigger and faster than our ufo imagination

  11. CharppleSeed says:

    What's the name of the first track in the beginning. Awesome beat

  12. dooglitas says:

    And the fourth angel poured out his vial upon the sun; and power was given unto him to scorch men with fire.
    (Rev 16:8)

    And I saw an angel standing in the sun; and he cried with a loud voice, saying to all the fowls that fly in the midst of heaven, Come and gather yourselves together unto the supper of the great God;
    (Rev 19:17)

  13. Trudi Fruty says:

    Not tall enough look at the legs to short.

  14. Dean Rocket says:

    5:55 Like a Boss ^^ Hahaha

  15. qt f says:

    its like 1/5th of the sun

  16. The last is a lenticular cloud often found near mountains. Not a ufo at all

  17. John George says:

    No I seriously they're in touch with aliens… But they certainly would have and make these vehicles themselves…

  18. John George says:

    That last image of that "winged" ufo actually looked like a Phoenix rising from hell…

  19. St . John The Baptist painting . Was it painted on a fresh canvas ?

  20. You Tube says:

    WTF? Do you even imagine how huge that object was compare to the SUN, and that speed omg?

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  22. …………………………………..

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