Matrix World Disclosure – WORLD WAR III ABOUT TO BEGIN RUSSIA Vs USA 2015 – Matrix World Disclosure


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  1. you are working from fear and giving end time dates and you don't know just like everyone else. You just want to make money like the rest of the vultures out here. Fear to sell your book. geeeeeeeeeeeeez, i love the bible but we don't know when anything will happen

  2. Douglas IRL says:

    the whore of babylon is money and its rulers…the world will cry when it is destroyed and then the man of perdition will come..savior of the world

  3. stdpozer says:

    What a stretch

  4. Noah Ninja says:

    this video is full of disinformation

  5. Denmark was the first country to set porn free… check your facts religous nutcase. the only thing we contributed to history. we made porn legal as the first country! not America

  6. the Vikings isn't that unique (and i velieve in my peoples old Gods), there are Celts, Persians, Goths to name a few warrior people… but we we're the top of the barbarian tribes

  7. stdpozer says:

    there will be no war with russia but there we be a war DYATTLOV

  8. MrTalon92 says:

    ancient civilizations have predicted this before the bible. there is binary code in the make up of everything our minds are delayed we are blinded bye the perception of time and what's around us imagine just trying to figure out life in its existence all day every day for your whole life. who are u to speak upon some one that devoted there life to god our creator all you devote your lives to material possessions all your worried about is your paychecks. life is infinite there is something more to offer after life, the universe is unexplained to this day. our minds are to question our existence but why?  I know I was born to die don't be afraid of something that was granted to you from birth but make it a growing experience into your next. are you afraid of knowing that you will get your pay check as long as you work? don't be afraid of something that is inevitable to your existence, look at everything from a positive perception and u will open your minds to so much thanks.

  9. Israelite's are African Americans today. from the stuff that I have research which would make since if you look through all the suffering they have endured, going from land to land and all the horrific slave trades and so on.

  10. 800lbgrila says:

    Solution … Faraday caging. If u have one oil pumping well the rest is easy. Not a word about emigrating out of the hell the country will become? Russia would want our cities n grid intact … take them twice as long to repair n reconstitute the infrastructure. I mean being under constant sniper fire from patriots, not knowing the language or Local geography, no effective currency, etc. Good luck vlad. Logistical nightmares everywhere. LOL

  11. waddietwo says:

    "Whore of Babylon", should be the title of Madonna's next albumn.

  12. Love All says:

    I believe mystery Babylon is Turkey. Not America or Rome because of the location the bible gives for mystery Babylon. It doesn't fit the u.s. The masons gave the statue of liberty to mock Christianity. She's supposed to be a pregnant Mary Madeleine. The masons believe Jesus had a daughter by her and some of her bloodline is still alive. The small horn that broke off of the ten horns one being England is the u.s. Take a look at the location of mystery Babylon again. There's no deserts in the u.s. as the bible described and Turkey is close to where the garden of Eden was and look at the rivers. The whore of Babylon I believe that's sitting on the beast drunk with the blood of the saints is the oil from the middle east. look at how many lives have been lost over wars for oil.

  13. da65 says:

    never trust any one that wants money to save mankind, if the world is going in to a nucular war what the fk do you need money for?
    fear mongery at its best,

  14. Capt. Cutler says:

    Don't listen to this guy on "the end is coming as foretold". Yes. Russia, the Church, and America are all in on screwing you over, and they are using revelations (which is an explanation of something that HAS ALREADY HAPPENED in 70 AD), as a playbook to FOOL YOU into the Church after they collapse this bitch. DON'T BE FOOLED!!! Follow the TEACHINGS of the bible, NOT the prophecy. THEY are using it to trick you. In 400 AD the bible was in 500 languages. In 500 AD, it was in ONE! LATIN! They have perverted it immensely. This is sophistry, not theology. Learn the difference you don't get tricked. Please.

  15. Can you out run death…. did you know or understand the difference between your spirit and your soul or did you only consider your self a physical being in life as being born a beginning and in death a ending . so what are you a vapor a small amount of energy a vibration and a mass of elements working together for a short time. your time will come so get ready to meet your destiny.. in the end the truth will be known.

  16. kieshaplius says:

    at 1:59 is that subliminal? Crazy…

  17. And the link has been suspended…too late….too late

  18. I spent all that time watching a commercial?

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