MATT DAMON on ELITE & NWO – Amazing Speech On This Evil World


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20 Responses

  1. So after all this, he endorses Hillary Clinton?? Why?! What betrayal of his ideals. How ridiculous!! Matt Damon is too stupid to speak publicly about anything other than movies.

  2. What a shill. He is so for the New World Order. 

  3. ParrArsenal says:

    People "obeyed" Hitler because he was fought for Civil Disobedience in the sense of countries and their peoples fighting against being held as slaves by the Jewish Central Banking system

  4. Poppy Currie says:

    How can he be allowed to say this? Is this another piss take from the dark side?

  5. why is this cocksucker hell bent on disarming people if he's supporting the constitution and the idea of the people being able to bring the government to heel when called upon.

    he's a hypocrite for making his money off of films that glorify gun violence while speaking out against Guns in general and now he's just a moron for saying this shit then 6 months later starts working to disarm the American people.

    fuck Matt damon.

  6. This dude is a complete hypocrite. Like Matt is anymore informed than anyone else…. Who comes out telling people what the "truth was", then OPENLY support a corrupt candidate?… This is just another Hollywood ploy.

  7. MrLorenzol3 says:

    the next bourne movie will be based on his real life

  8. Phil Dean says:

    well matt, why don't you lead the charge and the gun owning patriots will be right behind you

  9. Phil Dean says:

    was going to refer to him as a "p…." but I don't want all my past girlfriends and women I've talked to in my life accussing me of rape

  10. Billy Bob says:

    So funny that people think this is genuine. The whole speech is actually pushing the ideals of the NWO. I'm all for civil disobedience and I'm definitely against the wars, but read between the lines, people.

  11. Niko942 says:

    Matt Damon is a poser. He has aligned himself with George Soros and the globalists. He doesn't want anything changed.

  12. I like people who live the opposite of the philosophy they're selling. Makes me laugh. Its like Deepak Chopra telling people to not be materialistic, while he's living in a multi million dollar home. Or like a televangelist who tells you to get out of sin while he's up to his eyeballs in it. Trust me, Matt paid his taxes last year, and he obeys every utterance of Hollywood elite. He wouldn't want to get his luxury life taken by the IRS or anything for any messy……………………. "disobedience."

  13. Liberty4awl says:

    When he said "The people obeyed Hitler and that was wrong" Intimating
    "the people" just went along out of fearful obedience I knew Matt is ignorant of history. This level of
    ignorance of history is staggering. That it is believed is horrifying.
    The last two sentences describes why "everything" is upside down. Hitler
    was venerated, adored, almost worshipped. "He" was "obeyed" because "the
    people" were as much a part of his government as his direct underlings
    were. To believe Matt's vapid version one has to have never listened to
    any of Hitlers translated speeches or read Mein Kampf or read any of the
    communications between jews in power back then. Is Matt this ignorant
    or is he disingenuous? Either way he is an obvious gatekeeper once one
    is aware of history and who pulls the strings of every Western
    government and why the middle east is going exactly according to the
    Oded Yinon Plan.

    rallying point! One has to wonder why Matt seems to have not a clue as
    to WHO has turned everything upside down with our 100% voluntary
    acquiescence to emotional drivers ignoring all logic and human nature.
    Then he mentions Stalins Russia like Bolshevism was a Russian driven
    horror that had no tie to judaism? What was it that the conscience of
    the twentieth century said about bolshevism again? Oh yeah he said "we
    cannot say all bolshevists were jews, but; without jews there would have
    been no bolshevism. For a jew nothing is more insulting than the
    truth." Seems Matt is as insulted by knowing and or telling the truth as
    any real jew is. Sorry but Matt is just another gatekeeper.
    Misdirection everywhere. Until we name our enemies we will continue to
    fund t.h.e.m. and deserve what t.h.e.y. are machinating and what t.h.e.y
    are about to bring down on us all.

  14. If Matt Damon believes in redistribution of wealth he should start by giving his away to the inner city poor that espouses so much. What an idiot he must main line Obama's retoric every night.

  15. Argus Bujis says:

    BRAVO MAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Chalky White says:

    Ok granted, so,what's the answer then, how are we going to change this shit, how are we going to end the NWO because we seem to talk a lot of shit but do fuck all, meanwhile it or they or just a conspiracy continues …….doesn't it!

  17. A map has found some new information that has been out there from the beginning of the the public or the or rather the republic and basically it's not the people are not aware of this some people aren't the educated are however when some people find out about this they do literally get angry however the balance has to come with in yourself to deal and to move yourself like you did

  18. I forgot to mention that Socrates drank his cup of hemlock for teaching information like this to his students and would not change his opinion publicly so the people in power could feel that they have everyone fooled

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