Univision Noticias released an EXCLUSIVE video of a Melania Trump fashion “ad” in 1993, just five days before the election. The eerie video showed Melania …


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  1. She's an amazing woman and the first lady. She deserves respect.

  2. This video really made no sense.

  3. kparc Parc says:

    Melania a slave!??? Where can I buy one!!! She is so fucking hot and I'm sure a 'devil' in bed!!!!! Lucky man that Trump is, one lucky fucking man!  I bet she looks even better on her knees!

  4. kparc Parc says:

    Thanks for this great recruiting vid for joining the  ILLUMINATI!  Can you supply a link?

  5. kparc Parc says:

    You forgot to mention the ongoing lesbian relationship Melania and Sarah Palin are having!  Can you just imagine those two together, can you just imagine AND THE DONALD GETS TO WATCH!!! OMG!

  6. kparc Parc says:

    And the White Rabbit commercial, not only mind control and mastery, but Bestiality! HOW DID YOU MISS THAT CONNECTION!!! Again, HOT, can't you just see the WHITE RABBIT' clearly a púca  from Gaelic for Mythology with spiritual powers that he seduces a blonde woman and she bares his children!  HOW CAN YOU NOT MENTION THIS!!!!

  7. kparc Parc says:

    8:20 minute mark! Mind Kontrol!?  Yes, if Melania got on her knees in front of me, she could CONTROL MY MIND ANYTIME!!!!

  8. I walked a red carpet at my prom.  I guess I'm Illuminati too.

  9. Batshit videos like this only serve to discredit real truth.

  10. Tomas Gruber says:

    Dont you think that Melania was modeling under name "Melania K" coz her name was Melania Knavs?

  11. Her maiden name was Melanija Knavs.

  12. Barbara Lee says:

    What a far reaching waste of time. I understand MK ultra and have written about it for years. This is just fluff offering nothing but a lot of silly conclusions. Like calling herself Melania K means she is signalling MK as in ultra? Puhleeze. People like her walk the red carpet so what is the deal there? Sorry girlie, I was hoping I might learn something but… I did. This is fluff to giggle at.

  13. This person portrayed does not look like Melania to me.

  14. Autumn Blue says:

    I didn't vote for either puppet. I just always notice that she seems afraid of "hair guy" and so does that little boy,

  15. The down votes are explained by how many kool aid drinking comments there are. I'm always surprised how many different ways they can con the people & they'll still fall for it.

  16. It's not Melania idiots

  17. Christopher says:

    Melania A high level hottie.

  18. Dana martin says:


  19. Dana martin says:


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