Melbourne Airport Plane Spotting ● Morning Jumbo Arrivals – 1x 747 & 3x A380


Qaud-jets are by far the most sought after type of aircraft for plane spotters, here at Melbourne, our share of Qaud-jet action usually resides on weekend …


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  1. 99carnot says:

    Beautiful skies and great video quality! Liked, especially 1:50!

  2. RVNspotting says:

    Outstanding footage, a huge thumbs up from me!

  3. Absolutely magnificent video mate! It was great to see these jumbos. The lighting on the first EK A380 was something to behold. Its great that you caught the Qantas Olympic livery 747 as well. Fantastic work as always, A massive like from me! : D

  4. Epic spotting! Liked!
    Really good lighting too!

  5. Love a good set of jumbos! Superb footage :)!

  6. Gate 747 says:

    Great Footage mate!….. Beautiful light and fantastic camera work…. you're right about quad-jets, they're a special treat for us spotters, but I wish they would bring back the tri-jets, I really miss those iconic jets like the 727, DC-10, MD-11 and the Lockheed 1011….. Huge Like!

  7. atlubeck says:

    Excellent jumbo catches! Liked!

  8. Great compilation mate!

  9. Yay heavies!! Thanks for sharing all our four engine beats :)

  10. Aussiewally2 says:

    Very nice! I've been on that Emirates A380 with rego EDM.

  11. Plenty of Emirates action on show in the mornings! Fantastic work once again Matt! Really enjoyed the clip! Liked :D

  12. So professional my friend.Beautiful heavies.

  13. Wow excellent full JUMBO JET

  14. Fantastic Video and some beautiful lighting throughout. Well Done!

  15. Very nice, as usual. Well done!

  16. Syed Hoque says:

    Next Year Qatar Airways will be the first Middle Eastern Airline to fly to Canberra.

  17. Awesome video mate! Some nice lighting but all round great camera work. Liked!!

  18. Wow, what a spectacular video mate! Phenomenal catches and I definitely love the jumbos! Love the EK A380 and you filmed it very well! Stunning video mate, keep up the amazing work! Cheers :)

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