Metal Detecting Finds Civil War And World War Relics


Well going into the woods you never know what you may find with a metal detector. Today I found 7 Civil War bullets or projectiles. These bullets could have …


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  1. cool finds! keep diggin

  2. Rip's Relics says:

    nice digs my friend……

  3. Jerry Dineen says:

    I know you had a good time digging, they were some sweet relics.

  4. Love the vid bud! – Anthony T.

  5. Awesome hunt. When you get your own car you will really kill it. hahaha GL&HH

  6. Paul Gee says:

    dig it man, thanks

  7. Dirtflicker says:

    Well done man! Nice digs.

  8. I don't go into the woods….that's a place where big animals are. Some can hurt you. Nice digs though, love the CW stuff.

  9. nice civil war bullets and great video.

  10. Once again brother Great Job! The offer still stands to hunt a union camp site. I love the intro to your videos.

  11. John David says:

    very nice video. its always beautiful to see history being brought to the top for us to see and enjoy.that was real nice of the folks that live there to let you hunt. alot of good people out there. huh ? keep up the good work. your digs are always very inspiring. happy new year. peace !!!!!!!!!!! john .

  12. Ground Hog says:

    Nice finds Buddy

  13. Evan Hobgood says:

    That metal piece is part of a huge brush and is used for painting but that is a guess

  14. Nice finds.
    I really enjoy watching you videos. Very well done. Congrats

  15. Naturentax says:

    Nice hunt and finds!! I subbed and liked:) Would be awesome if you could check me out! GL&HH

  16. Great hunt, man.
    I always wonder what the story is behind every bullet I find. Some will miss the target, some will hit and if they did hit then what was it they hit? So many questions and so few answers but its great discovering the past.

  17. Very nice hunt, as usual! You killed it, Britain, thanks for sharing!

  18. Awesome Britain! I see you stepped your game up and got your hands on a Tornado. Killer coil

  19. Amazing hunt Britain! Nice finds! Imagine all the stories that collar button could tell if it was able to speak.

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