Metastasizing The Lies Of War

Jim Kirwan
The above is part of Cleopatra’s Temple

Every Empire that tried to rule the world has failed.

Previous efforts dealt with much smaller parts of the planet

This time the goal is nothing less than crushing everything

And everyone on the entire earth, except for

Those self-selected Chosen Few!

Metastasizing The Lies Of War

When George W. Bush got his ‘License to Kill’ anyone and everyone anywhere in the world; from a complicit congress which chose to abstain from having any formal part in their constitutional duties which they were charged with ruling on: The trajectory of this failure of the world was set in what is about to be turned into the rubble that we have all earned a thousand times over.

That’s a fact, because the Amerikan public failed to object to any aspect of this continuing global crime ~

Against humanity—anywhere on the planet!

Bush promised to “protect” every American from any danger anywhere in the world. That was a promise that could never be fulfilled. Instead of delivering on that lie—Bush began what Obama has now concluded. Americans cannot be “protected” anywhere on this planet today because of the global atrocities we’ve been committing worldwide since well before the murder of JFK.

After the attack on Iraq a frequently heard comment from those with no interest in foreign affairs or much, from activists, journalists and political observers of all hues, was: “Soon no American or British citizen will be safe anywhere on earth, for decades to come.”

It was repeated after Libya, at every saber rattling at Iran. Throughout the meddling, funding and support for terrorists in Syria the phrase has resurfaced, as again after US Under Secretary Victoria Nuland boasted of her government’s $5 billion illegal coup in Ukraine. Guantanamo, renditions, secret prisons and US drone strikes are also cited. Abu Ghraib and other atrocities are unforgotten…”

Kirwan: And it should be noted that America has spent over $6 Trillion in this failed effort to steal the world.

If the warnings are correct, it has to be wondered if the State Department has reflected on cause and effect. Having interviewed over the years, measured people of all walks of life, whose entire families, friends, colleagues have been victims of indiscriminate, random US attacks on a barely imaginable scale, atrocities which, the “international community”, had they been committed by any other nation, would condemn as crimes of enormity by rogue states, are lauded as “liberation.”

The bereaved, friends and helpers, try hour after hour to collect body parts ­ bits of bone, flesh, a bit of a skull or jaw and attempt to establish by skin color, texture, which pathetic fragments belong to which beloved person, ensuring the right remains are placed together in the shroud, coffin, these pathetic shredded pieces of infants, children, husbands, wives, sons, daughters, brothers, aunts, uncles, grandparents. The atrocity unsurprisingly usually breeds an all-consuming desire for revenge with which, for anyone who has had direct experience and heard those of the relations, rescuers, it would be impossible not to understand.

One example stays indelibly engraved on my mind, over twenty years of unending US aggression. Mohammed was just ten years old when he went to overnight with his mother, brothers ­ including a baby brother just weeks old ­ and sisters during the 1991 attack on Iraq, to Baghdad’s Ameriyah air raid Shelter.

The Shelter, equipped with bunk beds, showers, generator-driven electricity, television, kitchens, was a haven of normality and safety in a city where the electricity and water system had been deliberately destroyed, being “carpet bombed” daily.

This temporary sanctuary was deliberately targeted by the US who had obtained the plans, identified the weak points, the ventilation shafts. All but fourteen of the several hundred mothers, children and elderly for whom the Shelter was reserved, were incinerated.

Mohammed was just ten when he survived the inferno. He rescued an old man “whose flesh came away in my hands” and a baby. His mother and siblings were incinerated. The attack happened on the anniversary of the start of the fire bombing of Dresden in World War 11.

Kirwan: proof positive that this whole thing was planned at least as far back as the concluding days of WWII

The searing grief and rage of adults is encapsulated by the vow of a multiply bereaved survivor of just one US atrocity in Iraq: “I have twelve in my family, I have fifty cousins and five thousand in my tribe …” all of them would be seeking revenge, he intimated. How many times have these emotions been replicated in US targeted countries in the last two plus decades alone?…”

Events in the Middle-East, North Africa and South Asia are also covered in the link below…

U.S. State Department Warns “No U.S. Citizen Safe throughout the World”

Instead of delivering “safety” in exchange for our constitutional rights, the end of our nation and our entire way of life: The public got the exact opposite which is a global hatred that is unmatched in the history of the entire planet.


In Ukraine today the world has finally reached that flashpoint that cannot be ignored.

Ukraine just held an election, at gunpoint, and upon conclusion of the fake election they have gone on with their open war upon the same people they supposedly just asked to award them with elected powers. Once the election passed Kiev immediately returned to bombing and slaughtering that portion of the civilian population that had chosen not to vote for them.

When this happened it was clearly a return to the days of the old Soviet USSR, inside Afghanistan. That turned out to be a ten year disaster that became the prelude to the breakup of the old Soviet Union.

This brings us to the global dilemma now facing President Putin of today’s Russia—quite possibly the only man alive that could bring real promise out of the promised chaos to come.

Before the election Russia promised to act if this violence continued. The war has now begun again and looks exactly like the USSR’s invasion of Afghanistan, complete with Russian helicopter gunships and the slaughter of civilians. But Putin doesn’t need to use the military to stop these neo-Nazi mercenaries; he could cut all power to Kiev, immediately, which could easily cripple their attacks.

If Russia were to act immediately to militarily protect the civilian population, the criminals on all sides of this crime could be captured and held for the International courts to charge with their crimes—which could easily include the USI, Israel and the global-bankers that rigged this trap to ensnare the world into starting WWIII or IV, depending on how anyone looks at this.

Russia and China have already set a global example, by leading their countries out of that chaos created by the global-pirates. Its time now to take this example further by shutting down these monstrous treasons against the entire planet.

The U.S. Dollar is D.O.A. Russia and China and other nations will profit directly from this overdue collapse. But unless real power is judiciously used to end this building chaos inside Ukraine, everything that has so far been achieved could easily turn to ashes.

President Putin left his career in the Secret Police of the USSR to enter politics and to build a new and better Russia, from the ashes of the now dead USSR. His efforts and determination, while not perfect, have altered the future for Russians and for freedom loving people everywhere. But unless more comes from Russia by way of strategic actions to end this global nightmare: Then the world will backslide into an inferno without end.

The criminals in the US desperately need to face charges for their global crimes against humanity; going back at least as far as those who are still alive to face the courts of the world. Russia, ironically, seems to be the last best hope for this world that has been mortally wounded throughout the events created in the whole of the New Millennium: If that does not happen then the slaughter will grow into unthinkable death without end.

As the concluding line of the article cited above reminds us all:

As someone wrote: “Your 9/11 is our 24/7.”

And this has got to be globally changed…

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