‘MI6 chief and shamed diplomat raped me’ claims alleged victim of VIP paedophile abuse ring

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The victim, who we are identifying only as “Nick”, says Sir Peter Hayman was one of a group of men who raped him as a child during a party in London

'MI6 chief and shamed diplomat raped me' claims alleged victim of VIP paedophile abuse ring

A victim of a VIP paedophile abuse ring has identified a shamed top diplomat and MI6 chief as one of his attackers, reports the Sunday People.

The man, now in his 40s, picked out a photo of Sir Peter Hayman – a former deputy director of the secret service.

Hayman, for many years a pillar of the establishment, caused a scandal when he was caught with paedophile literature.

But until now he has never been accused of actual abuse.

The victim, who we are identifying only as “Nick”, says Hayman was one of a group of men who raped him as a child during a party in London.

Details of his ordeal have been passed to Scotland Yard via the Exaro investigative website.


PA Geoffrey Dickens
Fight: Geoffrey Dickens battled to expose the alleged VIP paedophile ring

Detectives are already looking at allegations of sex attacks at Dolphin Square, a luxury London apartment complex near Parliament named in an exposé into VIP child abuse in the Sunday People last week.

The Met Police inquiry centres on historical allegations that MPs and other establishment figures abused youngsters at the address.

The news comes as Home Secretary Theresa May struggles to find an ­acceptable chairman for an inquiry into claims of a top level cover-up of VIP paedophiles.

Two people asked to chair the ­inquiry, lawyer Fiona Woolf and ­retired judge Baroness Elizabeth Butler-Sloss, have so far quit over their links to the establishment.

The news that Hayman has now been identified as an abuser will send shockwaves through the top levels of British society.

Abuse survivor Nick told Exaro: “He used to like to kiss and to touch, liked me to do that to him.

“But it would always culminate in me being raped. That happened all the time.”


PA Sir Michael Havers
Sir Michael Havers: Alleged to have been at underage sex and drug parties

During an interview, Nick was presented with a series of pictures.

He picked out Hayman, saying he was one of the men who abused him at Dolphin Square and other London addresses.

Nick explained: “I learnt his name over a number of sessions.”

He said the abuse began when he was aged 11 in 1979 and continued for two or three years. Nick said he had believed Hayman, who died in 1992 aged 78, was a politician because he mixed with MPs.

He claimed that Hayman was often at the same “abuse parties” attended by a sadistic former Conservative MP who was violent towards boys.

He has also alleged a former Conservative cabinet minister sexually abused him at Dolphin Square and other locations.


Sunday People
Cyril Smith: Predatory paedophile alleged to have used Elm Guest House

Neither man is being named for legal reasons. Hayman had top jobs at the Home Office, the Foreign Office, the MoD and Nato.

He also served as High Commissioner to Canada before ­his ­undercover career as a spy-master.

But behind his public image lay a sordid ­secret.

He was a key member of the Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE), a vile pressure group that a­dvocated legalising sex between adults and children.

A chance to nail Hayman came in 1978, when police raided the homes of PIE members.

Among them was Hayman, who had left a package containing disgusting material on a London bus.

At a flat he rented in Notting Hill, 45 volumes of diaries containing ­graphic sexual fantasies, often involving children, were found.

The flat was registered to a “Mr Henderson” – actually Hayman.


PA Baroness Butler-Sloss
Baroness Butler-Sloss: Stepped down over series of claims about brother’s role in previous probe

The then director of public prosecutions, Sir Thomas Hetherington, ­advised against charging him.

He was cautioned but not prosecuted. Hayman reportedly told police: “If this comes out I shall either shoot myself or go to Brazil.”

In 1981, five other PIE members went on trial for conspiracy to corrupt public morals.

Hayman was ­referred to during the case but not by name. Later that year he was finally ­exposed by crusading MP Geoffrey Dickens.

Mr Dickens used Parliamentary privilege to name Hayman to ­fellow MPs in the House of Commons.

He demanded to be told why Hayman had not been prosecuted.


Victims Groups Call For Resignation Of Fiona Woolf
Fiona Woolf: Appointed to lead inquiry after Butler-Sloss quit – but stepped down herself

Hayman was fined for gross indency in 1984 but escaped ­justice for paedophilia.

Nick believes the establishment closed ranks to protect high-­profile perverts.

Over the past two years the Sunday People has lifted the lid on a string of similar shocking claims that VIPs preyed on vulnerable children at places like the notorious Elm Guest House in Barnes, south-west London.

Nick, who claims his father touted him to a network of ­perverts, is now a key witness in Operation Midland, a new ­investigation by the Metropolitan Police paedophile unit.

He said: “Would Hayman’s ­arrest have led to disruption of the paedophile group and made a difference? It could have.

“But it doesn’t surprise me that the authorities did nothing.

“It was all just a cover-up.”

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