Miami Street Gangs – The Top Gang Documentary


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20 Responses

  1. Nigga not black people

  2. how tough would u niggas be without them pistols?

  3. Romeo Popaz says:

    c.i.a. useless f.b.i. useless only good for small petty crimes, gangs got you by the balls

  4. Gabby Gideon says:

    pull up your pants and get a real job!

  5. when it cmes to blacks. why u haters calling us names

  6. El Cock says:

    Gangs ??? Al must be rolling around in his grave .

  7. dthreadjr says:

    orchestrated by demons people need the Lord they're doomed

  8. dthreadjr says:

    this is just going to be used as an excuse to roll through a mass force and take guns you don't think that the government can't amass a Force to deal with these f**** you're sadly mistaken

  9. Delusion
    what did Roberta Sparrow say to you?
    She said that every living creature on Earth dies alone. —- Donnie Darko Face the truth,No one will ever know anyone! Scared? so let's make a gang.
    OBEY and follow like a good slave. Wake up

  10. Who the fuck would or could be proud to be hatian. Haiti is a shithole, Charity flows into its black hole of vice and corruption and its never seen again. Fuck Haiti.


  12. Fuck top 6 ??? keepin ???? Bloodz ??

  13. trump says:

    avoid negros

  14. 264144253 says:

    These people destroy everything in their path. Thick people your slavery is only I. Your mind.

  15. Tom Jackson says:

    You can stop your life of crime today and come to the Lord Jesus Christ.  Just pray for help, right now, and the process will begin.  God bless you.

  16. that nigga in the thumbnail ugly

  17. mikeysix3 says:

    When trump becomes president he'll secure the southern border cutting off the flow of illegal drugs,replace taxpayer handouts with jobs, and restore law and order with "stop and frisk"these mooks will have to get a new line of work ! Lol…

  18. wow that image is uglier than a pile of shit

  19. lol better watch out,crack heads coming to get us all,gangs of drug addicts,how scared are we?lol

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