Michael Parenti — Spanish American War 3/3



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  1. ahh death to the empire

  2. texmexspm says:

    This is so much better than the history channel

  3. I don't think Parenti mentions this in the vid, but the U.S. used waterboarding against the Phillippinos who were just trying to fight for independence from empire. An indefensible crime by our countries past leaders. Waterboarding, which I think was also used against african slaves, it was used by the Catholic inquisition for hundreds of years for such a victomless "crime" as blasphemy, and now the neocons and others want us to believe that we're doing it in DEFENSE of liberty! I sayBULLSHIT!

  4. Parenti is a left wing nut. The left wing is full of hate and misinformation

  5. That's all you got is an ad hominen? That's not an argument it's a fallacy which indicates you have nothing to say…

  6. avalsonline says:

    what did Parenti say that was inaccurate?

  7. avalsonline says:

    i will ask you again, what did parenti say that was inaccurate? which part was the misinformation?

  8. avalsonline says:

    I will ask you for the third and final time. for the sake of discussion, please tell me what parenti said that was hateful or untrue. please support your claim.

  9. avalsonline says:

    ok, you have failed o answer my initial question, so let me ask you another one. are you a fool or a zealot? are you simply ignorant of the facts? or do you know the history and are simply compelled by your politics to ignore it? next time you decide to criticise someone, check your facts.

  10. RPenta says:

    A country which refuses to acknowledge its real history is doomed to follow the course of force, fraud, and folly. Why? Because the people think that they are always right, always victimized, always innocent, and always the target for evil and cunning enemies. Therefore, any actions in defense are justified and all other concerns are shunted aside for security.

    Sounds like any country you live in?

  11. FaaarLeft says:

    The big picture is both accurate and obfuscated.

  12. 98bigbutt says:

    The people that Parenti just mentioned are the 1% of the wealthy people that really rule the USA and caused the deaths of millions of people worldwide for their corporations around the world.

  13. gamerunknown says:


    That doesn't contradict what he said at all: he referred to black publications that he'd obviously read. One thing that he referred to was that the black business press said that those that couldn't vote should be exempt from fighting in the war. Those that would benefit financially from it would support it though.

  14. gamerunknown says:


    Well, it's pretty clear he's doing a Marxist analysis of history so that colours his view. I'd be more interested in reading an article from both of you where sources are cited: he'd probably cite worker's newspapers, you'd cite the few black businessmen and their journals. Fifty years down the line will we hold that the black community was divided on the civil rights issue because of Thomas Sowell and Herman Cain?

  15. gamerunknown says:


    Well, it's an interesting resource but it doesn't refute the class basis of his thesis. According to the article on black participation which cited numerous sources (though I wish it would use inline citations too), the anti-imperialist black press was hostile to the war (unsurprisingly). The imperial group held the bizarre racial theory that black soldiers would be better in tropical conditions and the few black regiments were shipped off first.

  16. gamerunknown says:


    While the author of the article must have reviewed a considerable portion of the literature, he doesn't specify where the position that blacks were "clearly ambivalent" came from. I'd assume that Parenti would claim that the business press (even with a black readership) would attempt to promote the cause of war, just as Chomsky holds that memos showing Middle Eastern establishment fear of Iran didn't translate to public fear. I agree that blanket statements = revisionism.

  17. Sean Maher says:

    Its not so strange that some black leaders would be generally supportive of US foreign policy, since they had so few friends in Washington; even MLK supported the Vietnam war in its earlier years. To the extent that there was supporter in the broader black community, it may have centred around the false impression that the US intended to liberate the Cubans. Parenti's not a hack; he uses the point to show the inherent hypocrisy of the imperialist's stated concern for the oppressed Cubans.

  18. 98bigbutt says:

    No but this video only talks about the cause of the Spanish-American War and the rise of the US Imperialism.

  19. 98bigbutt says:

    He didn't mention the USS Maine and the Spaniards investigated the Maine disaster and found evidence that there was no foul play of the explosion.

  20. 98bigbutt says:

    Mark Twain, Booker T. Washington, etc. were the perfect example of Anti-Imperialism.

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