Michael Tsarion The Sinister History of the Female Illuminati [FULL VIDEO]


Micheal Tsarion has taken on this challenge and brought forth some very interesting information on the origins and history of the Female Illuminati. All of the men …


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  1. Does he have anything to say…or does he know anything concerning the book of the dead??

  2. Gail Kenyon says:

    I Somehow Dont See Mary Magdalene as Evil…She Was A Priestess and Was Taught In the Temple of Isis On The Sacred Mysteries Of Life and Love. It Was Really Hard to Hear this All due to the Echoing In the Video …Interesting Topic Though :)

  3. Here's unpublished work on the deep ontological connection between the sexual archetypal symbols arrived at through the esoteric practice of autofellatio: http://web.archive.org/web/20050215082441/home.earthlink.net/~glenn_scheper/oldword.htm#wog1hero

  4. witches matriarchs and corporate directors

  5. don't blame mother…

  6. weisweil says:

    What is wrong with you ? Look like you are demonizing mother earth and live it self.

  7. vitaly goji says:

    When are you esoteric guys going to learn how to use household electronics?
    You claim to have special knowledge but can't figure out for MANY YEARS how to record Skype sound.
    Some fucking "esoteric" channel ..

  8. BrandiD05 says:

    @39:00 Makes you wonder if that's why they made the number 13 into a hated, "evil" number… because it's the number of the goddess…???

  9. John Abel says:

    Holy Jesus, get some real microphones. I can't listen to this. I will anyway but next time you better sound better! Argh!

  10. darren s says:

    cant listen to this eccoy shit!

  11. no convincing necessary THAT women are pieces of shit just LIKE MEN..

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