Michelle Obama: The White House is a Prison


Have you heard the latest complaint coming from Michelle Obama?

We’ve heard her complain that she doesn’t get a salary for being First Lady. We’ve listened to her complaints about her student loans and her exercise routine. But this is the first time we’ve actually heard her complain about being the First Lady.

Michelle Obama The White House is a Prison

During her recent tour of Africa, Mrs. Obama sat down with Laura Bush and thought she could confide her feelings about what she doesn’t like about her current role. She told Mrs. Bush and a crowd of onlookers that there are “prison-like elements” to being the First Lady.

Laura Bush held her composure through it all, but I can’t imagine what she was thinking!

Do you sympathize with Michelle? Do you think she has a right to complain while she is touring Africa on the American taxpayer’s dime?

Source: americanoverlook

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  1. 5 War Veteran says:

    I would walk around with a broomstick up my a$$ if it was required as long as I got to spend as much money as she does.
    Million dollar vacations? I pray I can afford a $1000 dollar vacation. I finally got my first vacation at the age of 55 this year. I went to Louisiana! Saw the Mardi Gras in Lafayette and rode on a float in the Kaplan parade! Woo Hoo! I ate 10 pounds of Crawfish and had Gator PoBoys at Suires south of Kaplan! Yaaaay! (Suires has excellent food)
    I wen to T Neg’s gator farm and handled a gator it was fun.
    I met Kristie of the “Swamp People” and her new husband.
    I pray that there will be another vacation in less than 55 years. As a disabled veteran it was nice and the people were wonderful.

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