Midday Heavy Arrivals – London Heathrow Airport, LHR | 31/03/16


This video is property of Train_PlaneHub, “RachaelMatt” 1080p HD! A selection of heavy arrivals at London’s Heathrow Airport on March 31st 2016! A beautiful …


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  1. Amie Sudder says:

    hey good vid plz can you do more vids at Gatwick (EGKK)

  2. That 747 may be coming in from Denver!

  3. Lucas Aucock says:

    Yes, I saw one of the Jettime 737s on my way to Whitstable!
    I always seem to be near, yet so far from you!

  4. Ajsski99 says:

    What camera do you use?

  5. I was there the exact same day as you.Only stood 10m away from you also ?.I was the kid in the bluecoat.If I knew it was you I would of came and said hi ?

  6. Some good shots! I was there today, there was great weather and quite a lot of people out. A couple seemed to be on one of those 'wedding photo tours' and were getting shots in front of landing aircraft. Quite a novel location idea!

  7. winyettyu says:

    So much 787s!

  8. Great vid as always! I was there yesterday and discovered this place for the first time in real life. What an impressive place for spotting!

  9. Well filmed Rachel! Great 'heavy' compilation, a sight so common in LHR.

  10. Lazy Boy says:

    absolutely, amazingly, awesome video :)

  11. Do planes at London City airport in docklands plz

  12. Fantastic vid keep it up

  13. Great video Matt

  14. I miss my homeland ?

  15. adzski920 says:

    Its actually UA930 not 948 (:

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