Migrant Arrivals in Italy Soar as Dangers Increase in Libya


The number of migrants arriving in Italy from North Africa more than doubled from April to May, according to the latest figures from the European Union.


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  1. he li says:

    so many black people´╗┐

  2. west media sais pro government or the new unity government Is fighting Isis….. but actually this new government is enforced by UN and weirdly this government is mostly rolled by Muslim brother Hood rebels who are the other side coin of Isis.. on the other hand in eastern Libya there's official army trully is fighting Isis for more than 3 years and west media never talk about them… I think there's something wrong and there's a huge conspiracy by west in Libya… so as a result migrants will increased and will be chaotic… it's from west lying to us… why you support Isis in Libya? why don't west support official army in east of Libya to stabilize Libya and stop immigration Chris is which are smuggled by Isis militias in Libya´╗┐

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