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More DW News: http://www.dw.com/en/top-stories/s-9097 Language skills are crucial to opportunities for refugees in Germany. Many young and well-educated …


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  1. COUGHCOOL23 says:

    Really proud of these guys for getting themselves out there and working hard.

  2. z2u says:

    you people are fools- of coarse there will be few will be able to learn german but 80% won't – he already speaks english- the language of science and art- why not teach him something useful. any business in germany that doesn't have english speaking staff can't be offering much,.
    English is used in almost every country in world that has educated people. german isn't even used by half your neighbours but i can assure many speak english. If you go to china- japan – korea and india [the largest english speaking country] you won't have a problem. you will if you only know german- who are you people kidding- your wasting these guys time.

  3. focused, hardworking, so many refugees would be like these men if only they were allowed into safe countries. my opinion.

  4. Niel Casas says:

    I know the feeling bro, I know the feeling haha

  5. A. Smith says:

    I think people like this should be helped because it is hard and showing so much effort should be rewarded more. The sad fact though, is that most refugees or migrants dont work as hard so there cant simply be a system that pays all the costs of everyone to learn German, especially given that many will sadly go and just sleep in class (have seen it personally myself as an American here who still struggles at times after 9 years in Germany and a pretty decent language skill.)

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