Mikey Dread – Beyond World War III – Full LP


Mikey Dread – Beyond World War III – Full LP Tracks: 01.Break down the walls 02.Jah 00:00 Jah Love ( in the morning ) 4:47 12:00 04 03. The jump master .


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  1. Angie Green says:

    One love my friend

  2. Jah Baga I says:

    Man it is so good to hear all these fresh sounding uploads without all the clicks and scratches on me old records! World War III up there in my top 10 reggae tracks..  Fan-Dready-Taskic!    Thanks for sharing……. J B I..

  3. hope you dont mind I copying and reposting, I sure cred! will be yours RESpect

  4. Jules L says:

    If you've got a dozen dollars and a turntable I insist you buy this on vinyl.  The current pressings are quality like good greensleeves pressings, if you love the music listen to it properly.  It's only a matter of time before the analog experience will die. p.s. this sounds like pure garbage, the album was compressed and mastered for acetate and vinyl.

  5. R I P Mikey Dread,,,nice vbzs

  6. Dread at the controls !

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