Miley Cyrus : BB Talk – Illuminati Mind Control FULLY EXPOSED!


Miley Cyrus – BB Talk [ Baby Talk ] Newly Released Music Video is TRULY Blasphemous & has a TWISTED Satanic Agenda behind it! So, I am pretty sure …


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  1. Damar Angki says:

    Hollywood is sin and overrated.

  2. Jajaja! Si, "gatito espia"!! es perfecto…un gran abrazo Spy..

  3. first veiw, love you already! Stay strong in the Lord!

  4. Cross Bow says:

    have you notice she looks like justin butthead 1 23

  5. you need to get a life

  6. This analyzing made me cringe and also gave me a good laugh. I can't believe some people are willing to go that far, making up bs and then say that everything a celebrity does is illuminati. I could record myself acting stupd and being all over the place like a baby, does that mean I promote the devil? No, I did it because I thought it was fun to do. Some people wow. In other words, this is a love song.

  7. I want u too know that u are protected by Jesus and the Holy Spirit and I think we have a connection only based  on spirituality. I am so blessed that God showed me your channel and was blessed with the spiritual eyes to see and hear, keep up the good work. You are so blessed and your courage is shown and recognized by God, the 1 and only living

  8. You are Amazing., spy kitten

  9. you are AMAZING again spy kitten and keep up the good work for JESUS

  10. the fact is u have gift and that is a blessing, we have a connection that only will be full completion when we get together, we are destined through the HOLY SPIRIT

  11. Jesus Christ says:

    Lord Janner just died apparently too….mmmh wierd

  12. Deep down in her soul crying out for help

  13. FauX EnvoL says:

    I wouldnt say britney was acting like a baby. But her program did glitch. She did act like a 13 yr old popular girl. Prayers to all

  14. I'm a liberal, but I do agree that there's a definite push for the acceptance of this stuff that's leading to some type of conclusion that's not good for humanity.

  15. I'm on the fucked up part of YouTube again. I think I'm gonna take a walk

  16. Vac Victor says:

    How much degradation and humaliation due to akward tasteless gimmics and raunch can this " should be woman" take?

  17. Vac Victor says:

    the bible is rewrite counterfeit voted on fiction, which some like to disobey or do in reverse. ' he" was the first creation not creator of universe.

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