Militarized police gone wild across America; terrorizing citizens, shooting pet dogs


Behaving like occupying military force

Mike Adams

America is rapidly devolving into the oppressive police state we’ve been warning readers about. Right now, cops are exhibiting thuggish, out-of-control “mafia” behavior as they run loose across America, terrorizing innocent citizens, shooting up the vehicles of people who are merely driving cars on public roadways, taking warrantless blood draws from drivers, shooting pet dogs of people who are merely filming police, raiding farmers at gunpoint over raw milk and terrorizing young women for buying bottled water and cookie dough.

Militarized police gone wild across America; terrorizing citizens, shooting pet dogs

All of these are real and happening right now in America. The cause behind them? Police are being “militarized” through federal training while being given weapons of war through federal grants. Police departments across the country are now being handed armored assault vehicles, surveillance drones and full-auto assault rifles. Along with this equipment comes a training and engagement posture that is increasingly aggressive and militaristic, subjecting more and more Americans to the kind of “theater of war” engagement tactics that the U.S. military would typically use at a roadblock in Afghanistan, for example. (See latest example, below.)

Military tactics and equipment now used by your local police

“In recent years, police departments have widely adopted military tactics, military equipment (armored personnel carriers, flash-bang grenades) — and, sometimes, the mindset of military conquerors rather than domestic peacekeepers,” writes

President Obama famously said, during the gun control debate of 2012, that, “AK-47s belong in the hands of soldiers, not on the streets of America.” Yet it is his administration that’s putting weapons of war on the streets of America via local police departments. By arming police and training police in the hardware and tactics of military warfare, the Obama administrations is doing an end-run around Posse Comitatus and effectively putting wartime troops on the streets of America.

As part of all this, federal law enforcement have been training with so-called “no hesitation targets” that train them to instinctively shoot pregnant women, children, young moms and old men. These targets — whose existence was first denied, and then downplayed when the denials didn’t work — offer irrefutable proof that the corrupt, criminal government currently running the USA is actively planning to engage women, children and senior citizens with weapons of war.

This is, of course, on top of the long-confirmed two billion rounds of ammunition the Department of Homeland Security has ordered (and partially acquired) in an attempt to stockpile enough ammunition for a twenty-year war with the American people. Once again, this stockpiling of hollow-point ammo by DHS was first denied, then downplayed, and now has been called a “conspiracy theory” even thought it is confirmed by the federal government iself which says it needs the ammo for “training purposes.”

The IRS is now being trained with AR-15 rifles, and DHS has also purchased thousands of armored assault vehicles that are mine resistant and bulletproof.

Meanwhile, the Boston marathon bombing proved that local police will now act completely outside of law and initiate Martial Law in a manhunt for a teenager. It wasn’t declared Martial Law, of course… it was called “shelter in place,” meaning you could not leave your homes. Once the lockdown was in place, Boston police went door to door, yanking citizens out of their homes at gunpoint, screaming at them to put their hands up or be shot on sight. This was all done completely without any warrant or any suspicion of wrongdoing on the part of homeowners.

It later turned out that the entire Boston marathon bombing was meticulously planned in advanced by the Boston police and was run as a “terror drill” to terrorize Boston and give the police some much-needed practice in running a police state oppression scenario. This is all 100% confirmed and openly admitted. Even the Boston Globe reported, on June 8th:

The scenario had been carefully planned: A terrorist group prepared to hurt vast numbers of people around Boston would leave backpacks filled with explosives at Faneuil Hall, the Seaport District, and in other towns, spreading waves of panic and fear. Detectives would have to catch the culprits. … But two months before the training exercise was to take place, the city was hit with a real terrorist attack executed in a frighteningly similar fashion.

Now, apparently, local law enforcement can simply utter the word “manhunt!” and completely ignore all citizens’ rights, the Bill of Rights, due process and state and federal law. Police have become rogue gangs with complete immunity from all crimes even while they are the ones committing crimes on a massive scale. They can pull you over for no crime whatsoever, stick their fingers inside your anus and call it a “roadside search” while using the same glove on you that they just used on somebody else’s anus. (True story. Click here for source.)

Police terrorize 20-year-old girl for buying bottled water and cookie dough

The latest example of the terror being dished out by local police operations is found in the story of Ann Downey, a young girl whose vehicle was assaulted by plain clothed “undercover” police who she thought were trying to carjack her.

It is very important to listen to the audio of Ann’s 911 call begging for help as she and her friend were rushed by six men with guns:

It turns out Ann Downey was being terrorized by members of Virginia’s Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC), which apparently consists of trigger-happy police who are so bored out of their minds that they can think of nothing more useful to do than terrorize young women for buying cookie dough.

Imagine the scene: You’re getting into your car after buying some cookie dough, then suddenly six non-uniformed men rush your car and start screaming at you while wielding guns. At least one of the undercover officers drew his weapon, according to media reports.

Am I the only one here who might have pulled out my own gun and started shooting in self defense, believing my life to be in extreme danger by a rogue gang of armed criminals who were aggressively rushing my vehicle?

As far as I’m concerned, these ABC goons are lucky they didn’t get shot, and if they had been shot, it would be hard to argue that the woman wasn’t exercising her right to self defense in shooting them.

It’s important to note here that the driver of the vehicle, named Elizabeth Daly, was charged with three felonies. In a statement posted online, Daly said:

“This has been an extremely trying experience and one that has called into question what I value most: my integrity, honor and character. …Cookie dough and ice cream for a fundraiser should not put you through an extremely degrading night and afternoon in jail, appearing in court, posting bond, having to pay an attorney …not allowed to leave the state, causing you endless nights of no sleep, [a]ffecting your school work and final exams, wondering if you would be dismissed from school, wondering how this would damage your reputation and ability to get a job, all while waiting on pins and needles to see what the Commonwealth is going to offer you.”

See the interactive map of paramilitary police raids taking place across America

Here’s a map showing just some of the paramilitary police raids and attacks on American citizens:

To see the full map with interactive pop-ups, visit:

As you view the map above, keep in mind how widespread these events really are. Just last week in Nevada, a couple filed suit against local police there, claiming they were raided and shot with “pepperball rounds” by police that wanted to use their home as a stakeout location. For refusing this demand, the couple were shot at and then arrested for “obstructing justice.”

As the lawsuit reads:

[Police officers] conspired among themselves to force Anthony Mitchell out of his residence and to occupy his home for their own use. It was determined to move to [the home address] and attempt to contact Mitchell. If Mitchell answered the door he would be asked to leave. If he refused to leave he would be arrested for Obstructing a Police Officer. If Mitchell refused to answer the door, force entry would be made and Mitchell would be arrested.

Seconds later, officers, including Officer Rockwell, smashed open plaintiff Anthony Mitchell’s front door with a metal ram as plaintiff stood in his living room. As plaintiff Anthony Mitchell stood in shock, the officers aimed their weapons at Anthony Mitchell and shouted obscenities at him and ordered him to lie down on the floor. Officers, including Officer David Cawthorn, then fired multiple pepperball rounds at plaintiff as he lay defenseless on the floor of his living room. Anthony Mitchell was struck at least three times by shots fired from close range, injuring him and causing him severe pain. Officers then arrested him for obstructing a police officer, searched the house and moved furniture without his permission and set up a place in his home for a lookout.

This is America? Think again…

When do Americans stand up and say, “Enough!”

So here’s the question: At what point will Americans realize their country has become a Stasi-inspired police state tyranny? When will they march on their state capitols and demand to be treated with dignity and respect rather than being beaten, shot, arrested, intimidated and censored by police?

And I ask this question as a supporter of local law enforcement. I’ve worked with police, trained with police and volunteered with police. I know that most police officers across the country are honorable men and women who are trying their best to keep the peace. But the number of “good” police seems to be shrinking while the number of “rogue” cops is on the rise.

This highly disturbing trend is an intentional one put in place by the Obama administration that’s trying to militarize police all across the nation in a run-up to something very, very big: an event that is expected to cause nationwide rioting and social unrest.

Why else would DHS buy 2+ billion rounds of ammunition, bulletproof roadside checkpoint booths, armored assault vehicles and full-auto assault rifles? Why else would police be trained to shoot pregnant women, children and senior citizens on sight? Why else would the government be spying on every phone call, email and text of every U.S. citizen right now?

We are living under a nightmare Big Brother police state right now, and it’s not an accident. This has all been brought in for a specific purpose: to first acclimate the public to a police state presence (hence the TSA security pat-downs), and then to activate that police infrastructure to engage in the mass-arrest or mass-murder of Americans.

The American people are asleep at the wheel while tyranny encircles them

This will happen as long as Americans allow it to happen. Every day that the American people spend distracted by gay marriage, sports celebrities, TV programs and the Kardashians is another day that the criminal elite running this country build up their infrastructure of terror and oppression against the People.

While Americans are hypnotized into a state of delusional denial by CNN and the New York Times, the Obama administration is strangling freedom to death with a determined rollout of total surveillance, actual death squads that target journalists, the criminalization of whistleblowing, the targeting of reporters in the mainstream media, the intimidation of patriot groups by the IRS and a hundred other forms of oppression, intimidation and blackmail.

What we are witnessing here is a government gone completely criminal. This is a government that now openly kidnapped the President of Bolivia on the off chance that his airplane might have been carrying Ed Snowden. This is the government that openly admits to the existence of secret kill lists that target American citizens for assassination. This is the government that runs the world’s largest surveillance spy program which even spies on ally nations like Germany and France.

Trickle-down tyranny

The U.S. government abides by no law and respects no limits whatsoever to its power. It is a rogue, out-of-control criminal mafia that has taken over positions of government in order to grant itself the appearance of authority.

It is this mafia mentality that’s trickling down to local police departments in the form of aggressive tactical training, armored assault vehicles and even police uniforms which now look like something torn right out of a dystopian, Orwellian sci-fi flick depicting a dark future.

I coined the term “Trickle-Down Tyranny” in 2011. The phrase was later picked up by Michael Savage and became the title of his book by the same name.

Since 2011, Savage himself has become increasingly outspoken about the rise of tyrannical government, the oppression of freedom in America, and the dangerous tactics of intimidation and oppression being practiced by police nationwide.

Everyone can see what’s happening: America is turning into an occupied police state. Individual freedoms are bring crushed. All the rights guaranteed under the Bill of Rights are being systematically destroyed by design. The Obama administration is rapidly becoming the Orwellian dictator we all feared might one day rise up in America, yet half of America remains too far gone to open their eyes and realize what’s happening.

And so the injustices are allowed to accelerate to the point where innocent Americans are being routinely terrorized by law enforcement. While the guilty run free, the innocent are targeted for shakedowns, arrest or beatings.

This is the death of freedom in America. You are watching the destruction of the Land of the Free and the rise of Obama’s tyrannical regime.

If you and millions of others do not rise up against this, you may one day find yourself collapsed on your knees, looking over a large ditch of fresh bodies while a “police officer” holds a pistol to the back of your head and pulls the trigger.

You, like hundreds of millions before you, are about to become another statistical victim of government gone bad. Throughout history, rogue governments have murdered at least 260 million people. And it all began with precisely the same process we are seeing unfold in America today.

Rise up or be exterminated.

This article first appeared at Natural News.

12 Responses

  1. doesntmatter says:

    i wouldn’t say they’ve necessarily gone wild…i would say they are just acting like the animals they’ve always wanted to be, and is finally being let out off their chains. any officer that has the desire to enforce anything upon another human being born with free will, ESPECIALLY the unfairness they are REQUIRED to bestow upon us as citizens, HAS to be an animal…no other way around it…

    so all in all, i guess i do kind of agree that they are showing their true rabbid “wild” animal colors….*shrugs*

    • doesntmatter says:

      but all rabbid wild animals should be euthanized at some point….that day is rapidly approaching for the worldwide euthanization of ALL rabbid wild animals who are in human form.

  2. Ed says:

    Please do not forget that without the local, state, and federal governments, including legislators and judges, support of the murderous thugs called “law enforcers” (fat chance of them actually enforcing ‘law”), they would still be peace officers serving the people.

  3. The pigs need to meet an organized, trained unit of citizens who will waist them with no thought but the extermination of criminals. This is where all these vets come in that need to feel part of something again. What wisdom they could put to use, training and leading anti-cop units.

  4. Archie1954 says:

    Please don’t feign surprise at this turn of events. There is no people more deserving of this kind of harrassment than Americans. Your (support the) troops have been using these tactics on numerous populations all over the world with impunity. Did you really think it was not going to catch up with you at home? Too bad, so sad, learn to live with it as all the invaded and occupied nations under American military control have had to and enjoy!

  5. 5 War Veteran says:

    When it comes to presenting the news FACTUALLY and PROPERLY I am all for it. But when it comes to SENSATIONALISM I am against it. Do not become what we abhor.
    While it was a sad event concerning the recent shooting of a man’s dog, do not discount that the man was acting the as$ and placed more than himself or the dog in jeopardy. He also placed the police in jeopardy by playing loud music interfering in an armed robbery/possible hostage situation. Those ARE the FACTS. Regardless of what anyone chooses to see or not see in the situation. Do not convict the police for doing their jobs. Hammer them when they go overboard and place their authority before morality. Like in the recent warrantless DUI stops. There is no law that says you have to give permission or submit to your constitutional rights being taken away. In those cases the police apparently do not know the laws. State you are taking the 5th and show extreme patience. Do not quote the law even if you know it verboten. They like 15 year old children believe they already know everything and it will take a court of law for them to learn the facts.
    Yes I agree there are those police who have gone overboard and committed crime themselves while in pursuance of their duties. People whom which pinning on a badge turns them into as$holes. They should be dealt with accordingly. Like judges who place children in prison while receiving kickbacks from the prison system, the child’s only crime, not doing his homework and there were many more children. (Pennsylvania)
    There has to be a voice of REASON otherwise we become those we are hoping to stop.

    Yes there have been officers going overboard. Deal with each case accordingly but do not convict the whole for the arrogance of one. As for militarization that is another subject altogether.
    A police officer should be dressed out in the exact same or better gear than those they are going up against. What does that mean in today’s language?
    If you are going against UN Troops brought in by a criminal government, it will happen. The police who live in your locality also want to live in peace and freedom just as you do, they also must be capable of doing their job with as much safety as possible. In the same note if they are going up against a person who has geared himself out in military tactical gear including bullet proof vests and assault style weaponry the police should be able to do so as well. It is just a fact of the situation. The same goes for your right to protect yourself.One does not bring a knife to a gun fight.
    In fact I am surprised that everyone on the south border does not have a privately owned assault rifle, after all Eric Holder supplied drug cartels with them and they are being used against the people. NSA Note: Well Rick you did cause the problem to begin with as you admitted in court. So what now?

    How often has the US government provided weapons to supposed “freedom fighters” and those very same weapons were turned against America soldiers? Hundreds if not thousands of times. Can you say EGYPT? Benghazi? Iraq? Afghanistan? Iran? Viet Nam?

    Do you think that the US Government is doing it again with your local authorities? Do you really think that your police will not protect their own people and their own lands when the US Government comes calling?

    The militarization of your local authorities can be a good thing, a real good thing. Of course it can be a bad thing too. It will happen. Get to know your local authorities, align with those you can trust and support them. It will come to a time where sides must be chosen. If your region is as wonderful as South Carolina, expect Foreign UN Troops. They are already here.

    If you live in a city expect the worst, it is planned. When the STFH expect all those who are on handout programs to rebel and commit gang violence because that is all they know. Within 3 days their homes will be empty of food and EBT will end. They want to survive too. Too bad it was the choice for many to suck the system dry without ever putting anything into the system to begin with. That is the fault of the liberals and the elite. The redistribution of wealth from the middle class to baby factories and Baby daddies who spend more time in jail that raising their own children. Not all chose that life, many had not choice, thanks again to a political Elite that shipped jobs overseas and note that the wealthiest of the elite were not redistributing their wealth. Only yours.

    • Ed says:

      Nothing iwarrants the actions of the terrorists we call “law enforcers”, the Ameri-Kan Gestapo that replace peace officers. They are nothing but the thug enforcers of governments, including your local bunch of brain dead officials, that are the leading criminal enterprises of Ameri-Kan, formerly known as America.

  6. close to the edge says:

    With high-tech use, they have a huge gap again’st the common man just trying to get by day by day.These out-of-control maggots do have us out-gunned. Matter of fact, the IRS were issued PSW’s,Personal Security Weapons 3 yrs ago,assault full auto. Now these agents being IRS mght have a reason never justitied but a target.They cause great pain!! They have amased the power to take us, but our military will stand by the Oath they took to never raise arms again’st us or disarm us,force us into FEMA Camps or detention.The Oath is also taken by all civic servants n citizens,State,Sheriff Dept, local police, to defend the USA and uphold the Laws set by the Consttution. No wonder Oba n Co’ need a private army,FEMA Corp plus countless others in lock-step with the attack on us. It’s here so get yourself ready and your eyes alert cuz all they need is to cause a false flag hitting 6 or 8 in a short time to put their plan action.We all serve something or someone. Choose wisely and be instant in prayer.

  7. wouter says:

    if my dog was shot like that, heaven help the police.

  8. Michael J. Marsalek says:

    Because almost everything Americans eat, wear and do violates some law or ordinance, there have been an alarming increase in the number of false arrests. The Supreme Court has ruled that it is not a violation of rights for the police to perform a strip search on anyone taken into custody. You Tube videos taken from a dash cam show a police officer performing a cavity search on the side of the road during a minor traffic stop. The peaceful cure to widespread law enforcement aduse is heightened public awareness coupled with jury nullification. Law enforcement abuse and harassment must be reversed very soon because the window of opportunity for the police is rapidly closing. The authorities are well aware of the public outrage and backlash as evidenced by the large number of police vehicles that participate in minor traffic stops.

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