Mind Over Matter – Telekinesis: 5th Dimension (Paranormal Documentary)


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  1. CYonezu says:

    19:53 lol if the object float with a movement like that, its obviously hanging

  2. 14.30 "the small scale causes me concern" what a moron, so, even though it happening on a small scale would show it was possible! the principle would be established and then if that showed it could be done, it is likely the skill would grow with that new perception as psychic power would clearly be held back by people believing it was not possible. That guy is unbelievable! I mean really, "oh, moving a little box means nothing, the object needs to be bigger", what the hell is in that fools skull?

  3. You do see massive locked in mind sets in scientists though, they do not evenly evaluate, they come from a position of "this can not be possible and there has to be an explanation that is not PK"… that is ridiculous isn't it? they are like the other side of the coin with people who believe everything like this is genuine just by hearing about it and refuse to consider it may be a hoax.

    How can a scientist, claim to be a scientist, when their existing belief is such a strong factor against what they see and test for.. even when they set up the tests, or other respected scientists and it passes, they still try to deny it, and clearly have a massive mental block re things that are outside what they believe already! how can people grow and progress, if they refuse to move forward with new research and evidence, when everything going forward for them, must match with what has been from their past and the past? It is stating "I will not move forward and I will not accept anything that does not fit with what I/we already think".. they aren't scientists, they are just people stuck in a rigid, backward, mind set.

  4. your man carson is an asshole really, in how he talks… "I'm not trying to press you" .."you're scarred .. well we just got a few things together"… a very irritating and disingenuous man, well here any what. If you are ambushing and pressing someone .. have the decency to be honest about that and don't talk this lame shit.

    With the spoon trick he does for the show, he holds the spoon where it break very clearly from the start. That could be seen as the spoon already being weakened and his finger pressing keeping it up, it breaks when he releases his fingers. I think he has done it without holding it that way in the past.

  5. is this in line with experiments where large groups practice TM and the surrounding locality sees a drop in violent crime around that period? i.e. the meditation seems to have a positive effect outside the body of the group.

  6. people behaved like lunatics when Diana died… have to say, this documentary is really amazing, strange to see such "solid" fact that should be known, but is not.

  7. Have there been tests done around MMA events? re an increase in violent crime.

    hasn't it been proven that minds effect things outside those minds, the power to move things is not the only thing, in fact, the main thing would be knowing how we feel and think effects the wellbeing and peace/conflict dynamic in the world.

  8. dotpoke says:

    what is the symbol that appears at 1:03 for a millisec? i need to know pls

  9. Talia Patton says:

    may the force be with you

  10. michal bla says:

    18:0819:09 What ever she kept on her knees helped her with those tricks

  11. OK, I've watched 3:37 over and over, zoomed on my screen, there was not an aircraft hitting the tower, absolutely NOT an aircraft hitting that tower. The speed was simply too fast for an airliner, I already knew this was an inside job, but this video shows a clip from 9/11 that indicates one of the infamous videos of 9/11 does NOT show a commercial airliner.

  12. diviengii says:

    im just saying if an involuntary action is making voluntary actions and this is done thrugh quantum physics, it could be true.

  13. gercolt says:

    Gallagher u fake fucking jew swine what a gay faggot with you fake sweet voice LOSER…

  14. John Arnold says:

    ya, we use to go to the Fifth Dimension… it was called an acid trip….

  15. blaming an attack on telepothy?

  16. Reset BTTN says:

    11:2511:30 UFO passes the steeple. it's the cigar shaped UFO that's been seen many times before.

  17. SYRYMFLASH says:

    If you can't hear Obi Won Kenobi's voice saying "Use the force, (ur name)," it aint gonna happen.

  18. Turned of after the intro narrator said "scientist belive we use 7% of the brain".
    Then i know the rest of the documentary is going to be full of false facts.

  19. That guy in the blue shirt and glasses is very close minded. Perhaps the most i have ever seen.

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