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  1. XR sabRe says:

    Wait what does this video have to do with nuclear bombs?

  2. you guy's are the best$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  3. Nice video I am your best fan of your dreem craft and your other videos


  4. Kian Green says:

    Fheakekdkwoonedd died

  5. vincent kie says:

    Spam salam spam spam

  6. One guy had a swastika on his head

  7. Guys you should try hunger games with guns

  8. Colin Jones says:

    gundam, zoids, Starmade, Armored Core, and robotech

  9. Sean Yap says:

    may i suggest you have a icbm mod war

  10. you should play turf wars

  11. you should play turf wars

  12. Adam Crisp says:

    any one see the bajan canadian. btw I am 1/16 canadian and 1/16 british

  13. Do cops vs crims

  14. Isaac Litan says:

    I like your videos ??

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