MineWarZ 3 – Episode 1 – World War 3!


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  1. J&L says:

    pacific rim rules aswell

  2. Dbz8607 says:

    more brightness pls xD

  3. IVpsychoVI says:

    Can you send the link of that Godzilla trailer

  4. Kush Kapur says:

    Alex, my film teacher was the one of leaked the Godzilla teaser trailer 😛 he's in the movie.

  5. Follow me on instagram, andro_5050

  6. Saiyan Lord says:

    Hey guys it would be really awesome if you watched my channel I am trying to become a good youtuber would be really awesome if you check me out 😀 atm im doing a DBZ Buus Fury Playthrough

  7. your a godzilla fan? I never knew 😀

  8. Alexa says:

    I am 10 but I grew up watching stuff like dbz, Pokémon, digimon, dinosaur king, and YouTube people playing the last of us so eff Miley Cyrus new version

  9. manos nos says:

    how many guys where you in the call and who was there except you and paur? 😀

  10. How in d world was goten born. Because goku wasnt there. If u know what i mean

  11. U should build traps using redstone and ur IM-MA-GIN-NA-TION

  12. cameron wood says:

    probably on gohans birthday before the cell games they got really drunk that night.

  13. build a sighn thst says free candy here

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