This video exposes the MISS UNIVERSE PAGEANT and see how Steve Harvey’s Miss Universe Blunder was staged so people would talk about it!!! It was also a …


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  1. TonyC430 says:

    @Truthneversleeps  You Know Nothing of Islam, You WilL Account for this horrible comparison between islam and Shayton. To be a muslim you submit your will to the almighty, you arent allowed to steal, drink, kill, need to pay zakat for the poor, pray 5 times a day, do a pilgramage. There is nothing evil abotu that. Dont equate the saudi zionist kings with islam. Dont  be an ignorant fool and actually really study islam before spreading your hatred

  2. i am filipina i pause at 9:47 eye of horus now i know why miss philippines is the winner its because of this and the pyramid now i know the reason why illuminati confirm

  3. He is saying muslims are illuminati is he actually sick in the mind does he have some kind of a fucking brain sickness what dafuq is wrong with him

  4. ivan riobla says:

    The problem with people like the maker of this video is that they mix truth with a bunch of lies, im a Christian by Grace, not a sunday church christian a 24/7 Christian, and i have good knowledge about the occult and this illuminati mania, but this type of videos make us look bad, is absolutely crazy how this man is trying to find things just to make a video. "" IF YOU NEED TO SEE WEIRD SYMBOLS and demons to tell who is the enemy, you are in BIG TROUBLE FRIEND"

  5. A.K.A Nas says:

    Nba is NOT rigged it is very much based on on skill and practice

  6. Craig Fisher says:

    This shit funny but yet serious

  7. Fatimata Dia says:

    Islam is a satanic religion…?! If Jesus were dead he'd be turning in his grave cause he's a Muslim buster!

  8. Tammy Earls says:

    Great work, please continue your good work exposing these demons

  9. Tammy Earls says:

    I can't help but to mention that in my opinion Miss Colombia sure does resemble Sofia Vergara??? Was that a coincidence?

  10. bendy rizk says:

    you got "666" likes lol

  11. bendy rizk says:

    the lord gave back in 1917 satan 100 years to prepare himself there is only 1 year left

  12. ok, i belive in one world order and stuff, but you're just crazy

  13. Qamar Ckm says:

    ???? did you just say "the muslim faith is satanic "??!

  14. IronReef77 says:

    Wow I seen the video as a suggestion on the side view while I was listening to music and I immediately laughed. I just came here to say the bunch of you who give into this shit that deep for any ol reason are lame as fuck!! lol

  15. Dboi S says:

    Hey man did you watch when he was talking and they where on stage didn't it like they sound like he…. ( if there unevil then someone is going to take her place…..)

  16. The book was written for women. Do better research, you must in this day and age, because your ignorance on one point will negate all of them for many people. Also, people who are new to these topics will learn the wrong info and when they share it with others who do know, will look foolish and be entirely dismissed. This will close them off to any other future serious discussions, especially those pertaining to The LORD.

  17. iysisrose says:


  18. 6:10 looks like the LHC CERN

  19. intj123 says:

    How about you all stop giving your attention to this bullshiz and do something productive to actually fix the problems.

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