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MK Ultra Monarch Mind Control Satanic Hollywood Illuminati Truth. Get 3 FREE Mind Videos: What have …


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  1. I agree with your take on the music industry. The 90's had some good music, and I even found myself listening to pop radio back then. Now, I can hardly bear listening to Top 40 radio, it is just getting worse as time goes by.

  2. AMAZON BAM says:

    OH MY GOSH! 5 SECONDS INTO THIS AND THEY ARE SAYING EXACTLY WHAT I SAY!!! After around 1998 when I was 16, I too felt that the music industry (and film and EVERYTHING) was becoming dark, sexualised and satanic! (Hence why I am into Adam Ant- pictured.. the music was music- everything better in the 70's and 80's!)

  3. lemsip says:

    The music business does go round in circles. In the 60's and 70's there were pop impresarios that were Svengali managers who used their bands and financially abused them. But there were also periods of creativity coming from the artists themselves and the song writers were of different ages. Some started off as song writers and became performers later but now it's the other way round. Then punk came along which was very DIY only to give way to disco then synthesizers and drum machines and then Stock, Aitken and Waterman's Pop Factory.

    Then artists regained artistic control with house music, indie rock, Brit pop and Grunge in the 90's but on the other hand there were manufactured boy bands, girl bands and then boy/girl bands doing covers. Now there is even more control than ever and the girl and boy next door in the videos during the Pop Factory era has been replace with sinister occultic videos. Before an aspiring pop star only had to be told what to do and they did it as not much was asked of them apart from hard work. Now they have to be mind controlled to wear those costumes or lack of them and make those videos.

  4. What they are saying is true. But, they themselves (unconscious of it or not) are using the VERY METHODS that they themselves are trying to WARN people about oddly enough. Their use of imagery and commentary in this video is exactly the type of things that are being used by the very people they decry and are trying to warn you about. But, that being pointed out, yes, what they are saying is somewhat rather extremely true. Many, just aren't at all in the awarement of it. And it is, from a Democratic point of view – VERY wrong and immoral…

    The saddest thing is how they are inflicting small children with this. That's the truly sad and evil part of this. Very sad…

  5. Really good but the subtitles are really letting it down, please correct the words, thanks.

  6. And the case falls apart as soon as they appeal against anti-racism and hate groups. An Analogy: The Nazi's used government and law to kill people too, should we get rid of all legal systems?

    Yes, there are groups that manipulate media to leave you vulnerable to suggestion. They are very good at it, especially with trigger words such as: Nazi, Hilter, 6 million Jews, Hate Groups, KKK, Death Camps.

  7. DNSDames says:

    Michael Jackson and Janis Joplin were doing the one-eye salute long before the 90s. All these artists work for Satan; however, most refuse to call him by his proper name. Instead they pay homage to Lucifer (Satan's name before he rebelled against God). Robert Johnson, the first blues guitarist, said he made a deal with the devil for fame and fortune. All artists must pay homage to Satan (mostly called the "light" in their lyrics) or they wouldn't have a record contract to begin with. One must be a genuine spell casting witch to work in the industry. It always been that way.

  8. Maria Segura says:

    #5 If you use cannabis you are a mind programmed fuck, whether or not its a prescription….everybody does it which means EVERYONE IS mind programmed.
    Its everywhere.

  9. Roger Baker says:

    "Symbolism"…not, "Symbology". Any, "ology", is the study of (insert subject as appropriate)…

  10. E.C. Mann says:

    I think the whole mind control in Hollywood concept is REALLY cool. It's fucking scary, creative and would make for an amazing book/movie… But please don't tell me you believe in this with any serious legitimacy.

  11. th3azscorpio says:

    Good video. But I'd have to say that after doing some extensive research, and seeing the many behaviors exhibited by these celebrities- from the actors, singers to the rappers, they're all under mind control. Especially the black celebrities.

  12. it was said a long time ago that the TV would be used as a mass brainwashing tool and that's exactly what it is I've seen a clip were kids as young as 3 r 4 years old asking strange questions and parents are baffled as to were or how can they be acting this way. well it's not that hard to narrow down there daily activities and the main one is TV you might think cartoons are harmless but these evil entitys have subliminal messages in them that specifically target young kids and only they can pick up on them adults are not prone to seen them. so if your wondering were are you going wrong as parents it's not you its the brainwashing tool called a TV that's used as a weapon targeting kids at a very young age. this no joke I'm sure some parents are probably been traumatised by this already wondering as to why or how can a child behave this way .well now you know.

  13. XA7XX7AX says:

    We're watching.

  14. I miss the hypnotism

  15. omnicopy says:

    Cut Hollywood off and let it fall into the sea!

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