Modded RimWorld Alpha 15 | Ep 06 | New Arrivals | Let’s Play RimWorld!


Website: Steam: RimWorld is a scifi western base building game currently in Alpha 15.


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  1. What is the point of this game? I don't know much about it, is there a goal in it or is it just to expand and survive?

  2. Nerys says:

    got some bad news for you that toxicity you're eventually going to have to deal with it when it gets too high and there's only one way to do that put everybody in the EVA and vent your entire base and then wait for days for it to refill again there's no other way to get rid of toxicity currently.

  3. Johan says:

    You should look into the stonecutting bench, more building materials.

  4. you need 3x te farming and 6-8x the solar panels till a better power source is available I like the series btw

  5. Of the new 3, 2 are pyros, that sucks!

  6. Maybe consider a new double air locked exit south out of the base? Should save a lot of walking time getting around the map. Mine a tunnel straight south, but before it finishes install the airlocks, then finish the mining in suits.

  7. 2 Things:

    1. I wish I could forget this series is a thing for a week or two so I could come back and marathon instead of devouring the 22 min bits everyday wishing there was more. lol


    2. maybe take a square or two of your growing area and grow a tree or two and get some wood.

  8. Karen Ingram says:

    Oh dear. Two pyromaniacs? You got screwed, man.

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