MODERN LINE DEFENSE BATTLE – Call of Duty: World War 3 Mod Gameplay


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  1. A few BTR's with one or two BMP's would've made the difference I think, or a couple of T70's

  2. Its called a Styrker MGS (Mobile Gun System)

  3. Coll1n_45 says:

    Yeah do a Russian line defense

  4. Joe Priest says:

    thank u for this more modern America

  5. Epic Fridays says:

    Can you do some more of those drug bust battles? Love your videos

  6. Joe Priest says:

    "the wrath of the Bradley"

  7. Joe Priest says:

    it was the A T solders that won it

  8. derp lord says:

    can u do a zombie men of war assult squad 2

  9. love the line defense and arenas, you should do a zombie line defense and arena. put different factions in an arena with zombies see who can hold out

  10. chris kirby says:

    Why don't you do more total war videos? Your mod setup would make for some pretty epic battles

  11. эй, бро, где мод взять?

  12. paulchatal says:

    hey Diplex it would be really awesome if in addition to America you could put all the NATO forces with Britain, France, Germany and more. It would be really awesome seeing the Germans back at it with the Russians

  13. Rafa Plays says:

    somebody know where do you get nato flag

  14. Aria Razmjoo says:

    Please more Star Wars

  15. NeonPlayZ says:

    I have always been a big fan of war and a history buff it just amazes me how they push the enemy back and wear them out just glorious

  16. NeonPlayZ says:

    What is this game called?

  17. hey bro, how can you change your version of the game?

  18. NeonPlayZ says:

    In my opinion at the end you should've had the Americans charge the Russians well I think you said they were Russian

  19. plz do more modern line battles

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