Money and the Root of all Evil


“There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root.” (Thoreau)

Our modern society has found itself in a death embrace with an octopus of evil. There are some that hack away at this politician or that cause, only to find that, like the mythical Greek Hydra, two heads appear to replace the one that they removed. This begs the question, how do we kill the Hydra?

The answer does not lie in decapitation. The organization has plenty of Patsies to replace those that fall in battle. It is not the head that holds the key, but the heart. The heart of the Hydra is our modern banking system. The blood that it circulates is the fiat currencies we call “money”.

Hollywood and 5th Avenue spend much of their time persuading us that money is worth killing for, lying for, dieing for and even worth the sacrifice of our immortal souls. The whole foundation of marketing and advertising is to give value to something that has none. Think about that. Profit is the difference between perceived value and real value.

So, if we are to strike at the heart of the hydra, we must be willing to remove ourselves, and our assets, from its circulatory system. We must exchange something that has no intrinsic value (money), for something that has universal value (silver and gold).

The Federal Reserve does not collect interest on gold or silver. In fact, it has no real power to control these assets at all. It can use its multiple heads to try and regulate, confiscate and even obfuscate the true value of precious metals, but it cannot profit from them when they become currency. Without profiting from our currency, the Hydra’s heart stops beating and the blood runs cold in its veins.

At the root of every investment besides gold and silver, is the bankster’s money. Buy stocks, buy bonds, buy real-estate and you are buying worthless dollars. Without dollars, these investments would not exist. The dollar is what gives these investments their value. The dollar is what gives them their risk. Invest in dollars and you are helping to circulate the Hydra’s venom. Circulate the venom and you contribute to Society’s demise.

Now, think for a second. What would happen if everybody in this country sold their stocks, bonds, mutual funds etc and converted those worthless dollars into gold and silver? What if the people would refuse to circulate “dollars” and circulated gold and silver instead?

I will tell you what would happen. There would be an immediate restoration of Liberty in this land and an immediate end to the Tyranny of the Satanic Psychopaths.

I propose to you, that you hold the key to destroying the Hydra once and for all, before the Hydra destroys you. The key lies in you converting all of your worthless dollar based investments into gold and silver before the dollar implodes and you are left with nothing.

I will go one step further and state that we each have a moral obligation to stop “feeding the beast” and withdraw ourselves and our assets from the clutches of its power. Our collective goal is to remove every drop of our hard earned labors from circulation, and the risk of catastrophic loss. This includes our cash value life insurance policies, our annuities, our IRAs, our 401Ks, Pensions, and long-term savings.

Of course we realize that we still have to do business with the beast with its worthless dollar bills, but when it comes to our surplus, we can, and will convert this to the real wealth and security that gold and silver provide.

Of course this will cause great consternation among those that currently profit from the beast. Stockbrokers, CPAs, Insurance Agents and the like will oppose our methods and our goals. We can only succeed when we realize that they might be our friends, but we will not let them be obstacles to our individual prosperity. Their prognostications of prosperity have failed.They are relics of a dying system, poisoned by the Hydra that we seek to destroy. It is time to move on to greener pastures without them.

We will not stop with ourselves, we will invite our friends and families to join us. With our combined efforts, the Hydra will be vanquished and prosperity will return to our land.

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2 Responses

  1. sveta says:

    1. money is root of all evil
    2. money is root of all evil
    IF ( don t understand ) GOTO 1.

  2. Ed... says:

    It is quite simple to get rid of the hydra. Destroy the debt-based, fractional reserve Zionist owned Federal Reserve System and return the control of money to the people where it rightfully belongs, with Congress responsible to the people for coining money.

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