MONSTER Energy drinks are the work of SATAN!!!


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  1. ryan says:


  2. Good. One more reason besides fratboys, brotruckers, coal rollers, lift kit buyers, major league gamers and ken block to not drink a shitty energy drink. Got you. Way ahead of you. Just gonna write this in my "Why I don't drink Monster reasons" notebook and memorizing it the next time I play call of duty. Annnnd There ok thank you really appreciate your time ok bye.

  3. I guess she just had to show off her grand intelligence. However, symbols only have power if you give it to them.

  4. Kara Needham says:

    Jesus loves you all unconditionally. Give your life to him

  5. "hey guys it's just a number it's just a drink were not satanic it's just cool looking lines that we magically came up with when we started the company" people who still don't know the truth and post dumb in the comments make me laugh

  6. -_- maybe some people just take things way too seriously…

  7. you know she had to buy the 10 pack for this

  8. Funny thing is that the so-called number of the beast is actually more along the lines of "686" according to ancient texts.

  9. You have got to be fucking kidding me?

  10. Wren Brown says:

    тнιѕ ιѕ ѕσ fυℓℓ σf ѕнιт ι ¢αит

  11. This is so dumb this is why so many people are focusing on the illuminati and all these bull shit theories instead of funding science and research.

  12. Leafling Jr. says:

    I'd say this is the work of the reptilian brotherhood. HISSSSSSS

  13. EBONI C says:

    She's making perfect sense! Many of you here are so blind!!!!!

  14. Wyatt Phoebe says:

    Every person on the planet came from never ending darkness and now they're here, on Earth. They don't know what it is and they really actually don't know what they are, they have a vague clue. Yet humans seem so sure of themselves in so many areas. Perhaps the key to a fruitful existence is to assume that you know nothing and to approach the world accordingly. Then maybe you will begin to see more clearly.

  15. Yung Shrimp says:

    And this is why companies probably do it, to put the drink out there so it can become world attention thus selling more. People still don't know that a company would do anything for money.

  16. Nich Ram says:

    And I saw this while drinking a monster…

  17. Jenna Dox says:

    I forgot how much I loved this video

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