More Truth About World War III


International tensions have been running high on multiple fronts with credible concerns forming over the possibility of sudden military escalations, effectively …


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  1. Wonderful video! Great research!

  2. ADOLF HITLER says:

    I bet 10 shekels that (((((Stefan)))))doesn't mention Israel providing medical services to ISIS fighters before returning them to Syria.

  3. tom mac says:

    The locust army.

  4. Altaay says:

    European Union will break away after the bulk of the refugees arrive, and trump will continue his isolation policy

  5. Genix says:

    Honestly fam I'm ready for ww3 but I'm staying here because it's gonna be the Balkanization of the US

  6. Tom Olby says:

    Bob Whitaker says Political Correctness isn't LIKE a religion. It IS a religion.

  7. Sharing yes i should be but who hmm

  8. Two "terrorist" warplanes were flying next to Erdogan, during the coup. A real coup is focused at killing the leader. For some reason the "terrorist" warplanes didn't attack Erdogan. That's all we need to know about Erdogan's involvement i the coup, which swiftly resulted in expanded power for him afterwards, since he could justify a purge of opponents throughout Turkey. Just days after the coup about 20 000 influential people were put in jail without any court. He seemed to have the lists ready before the coup, how fitting…

  9. Orlando Wan says:

    The best news ever is that Turkey did enough to convince all the cucks in Europe that they are too incompatible to join the EU, which will likely fall apart completely in 2017 anyway.

  10. the Germanic tribes ended the roman civilisation and the Arabs will end all of western civilisation.

  11. Orlando Wan says:

    Concerning the picture of Aylan Kurdi, which launched a crisis that has caused many more people to become victims of terrorism and drowning in the Mediterranean as well, there are many questions raised. Why is no mention made of Assad who is responsible for every one of his peoples' deaths? Why did he not have a life jacket on? Why did his father survive the capsizing / sinking of the craft and not his son? Why did the father not save at least one member of is family? What happened to the people smugglers that are culpable for this tragedy? Why does the world not care equally for each of the more than 156 000 people that die across the world each day? Why are the lame stream legacy propaganda channels not brought to account for the false narrative that they actively spin? ….

  12. The refugees are here because the oil fascists are blowing up those land for the oil underneath. Want to stop refugees? Fight the oil oligarchs. That's the answer. It's that simple. And it's not debatable or arguable. It's an empirical fact of reality. Oil corporations get rich and we pay it all. They privatize the gains and subsidize the losses. Again it's that simple. Wake up Stephan. For real.

  13. Dax L says:

    Stefan, you said NOTHING about NATO military being sent to Russia border !!! Also, not a single word about Baltic states ???

  14. HadesXY says:

    you have to cough more if you do putin

  15. Can Sir says:

    never trust a Muslim, anyone who fallows Mohammed "piece of garbage" is a piece of garbage + all third worlders also need to be killed they can't feed themselves but still they breed, black/brown populations around the world need to be culled, savages deserve a savage death….

  16. I wonder when some country like Croatia start shooting migrants trying to cross into their country. There are some countries bordering the areas where the people are getting fed up and do not belong to the EU. The former Hungarians are getting real itchy and it wasn't that long ago when they were fighting the muslims from taking over.

  17. Nuke them from orbit. It's the only way to be sure.

  18. D Trox says:

    It makes it sound louder than it actually is

  19. Stefan is a smart man, but his limited sight leaves him vulnerable to naivete. Please Stefan just fo some research. Try starting with Google.

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