MORNING ARRIVALS | Planespotting at Los Angeles Airport (LAX) | 2016 | ✈


INCLUDING: Asiana A380; Korean Air A380; KLM 747-400; United 787-9; Cathay Pacific 777-300ER; Air Canada 777-200LR; Hawaiian A330; Air China …


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  1. Shawn Lei says:

    I don't think that's lax dude

  2. Gor says:

    Christ southwest likes to put em down hard eh?

  3. Lol, that United 757 seriously landed then went back in the air then landed. Loved the video! I liked and…..oh yeah I'm already subscribed.

  4. PokerRun388 says:

    That United 787 at 17:40 is just an awesome looking plane. Great video!

  5. Max 777 says:

    Nice Video

  6. You are a great spotter

  7. wow, this is crystal clear video!

  8. Kyle Montano says:

    Im going to write down all the airlines i know as i see them
    Air Canada
    Delta express
    United express
    British airways
    Alaska airlines
    American airlines
    West jet

  9. pilotA380 says:

    nice planespotting mate!

  10. Ben Woodison says:

    There is a great new song about planes and plane spotting – here's the link – have a listen and if you like it please share it with your friends.

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  12. Awesome footage dude! :D

  13. This is so HD you can see the pilots in the cockpit. AWESOME

  14. DontRush_ says:

    united 757 said eh too early.

  15. mimana2 says:

    How early are the international arrivals at LAX?  5 am, 6 am?

  16. Vadim Goeke says:

    are they bilding another runway

  17. NL Aviation says:

    Amazing video! liked!

  18. NSolly02 says:

    Great Video! Love the intro!

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