Most BRUTAL Military Drills in the World


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  1. Eric Woods says:

    Us army sniper training

  2. ben kline says:

    I could probably do the US sniper training

  3. Nobody says:

    All these guys might be tough….but they are not INVINCIBLE….

    Thank you sincerely,

  4. Where tf are the British paras and royal marines biased piece of shit

  5. Alex Lopez says:

    all that training is nothing I could get shot in the head and still swim 20 miles and complete a decathlon!!

  6. It would be me dead if I did anything on the list

  7. I can't even hit the target in archery class. Damn, this is awful

  8. Andres Pinon says:

    And of course Russia was number 1

  9. PigPicPac says:

    Nah dude thanks

  10. Aden Ekwall says:

    anything to do with snow and ice I can handle I was born in Alaska so not a big deal

  11. thats nothing compared to school…

  12. aw yeah filipinos can get drunk during military training

  13. hey I want to be a Marine sniper it's been my dream for years so I need to work on that one

  14. this is nothing compared to the training of saitama – sama -……. ~ SIGH ~

  15. HCNJ Stacker says:

    I always am pleased to watch your videos. They're always very entertaining and you pick great topics to talk about 😀 I love your channel, and I can't wait for more videos

  16. Icandy Andy says:

    Eh the South Korean army is training is easy try living in Minnesota

  17. B8m8 Wuts says:

    A lot of people think the military is easier than they show it. I have played paint ball the real killer is the weight of the gear in paintball it is light but after a while its horrible now in the military you have very heavy gear and you have to do physical activities all day that would be hell

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