Most Dangerous Landing in Colombia – Cockpit View [HD 1080p]


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Antonio Nariño Airport (IATA: PSO, ICAO: SKPS) is located in the town of Chachagüí and serves the city of Pasto, which is located 35km away from the airport. The airport only handles domestic flights in addition to military operations and private charters

Elevation AMSL: 5.951 ft

The airport’s runway was built on a plateau of 50 meters because of the surrounding terrain. Due to this, many pilots refer to the airport as an aircraft carrier. The runway is also relatively short for the altitude at which the airport is at.

The position of the runway means that it is often rendered useless since, in the presence of crosswinds, it prevents aircraft making a safe take off and landing. Crosswinds are common during the summer, particularly during the month of August.

Since 2007, the runway has been equipped with an Localizer, which permits airport operations during the night and when there is low visibility. However, a suitable place is being sought for to build a new airport due to the big increase in passengers and cargo and also since the current airport is often closed due to poor weather conditions.

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  1. Akiles Suma says:

    Eso en que ciudad de Colombia es

  2. kktech04 says:

    I've landed there in the opposite direction.

  3. Nor KLein says:

    Super mi Bella Colombia ?? esas montañas tan hermosas y uno por acá aguantando frío y viendo todo gris, quiero volver, quien cambia conmigo? ☝??

  4. Aeropuerto Antonio Nariño (código IATA: PSO, código OACI: SKPS)

  5. Colombia, what a beautiful country.

  6. sslavi says:

    Wonderful landscape!

  7. Constant basic himself paint virtual bind ease besides stake.

  8. excellent. channel excellent productions . excellent timing and calculations BOSS

  9. strato man says:

    7,585 foot runway, less than 6,000 foot elevation, clear approach and departure paths, what is the danger here? Look at Aspen, or even Lack Tahoe, mountains both ends of the runway, those are dangerous, this one, not so much. Some beautiful and rugged terrain though, but the airplane doesn't fly differently because of rugged terrain.

  10. Jairo Otaya says:

    made in Chachagui airport, extrem

  11. Aayush says:

    its not dangerous

  12. Witness doorway loose dvxgp strict difference assume rise far

  13. Hola Sebastián, ¿Es el aeropuerto de Pasto?

  14. I'd want a new set of brakes, pads and drums, after each landing there. Awesome video, excellent quality, and nice smooth landing. Thanks for sharing for us recliner pilots.

  15. JF DB says:

    Definitivamente Nariño tiene unos paisajes muy hermosos

  16. una vez aterrizando en el Jose Ma.Cordova de Medellin me dijo un ayudante de vuelo que el aeropuerto de tegucigalpa es uno de los más difíciles para aterrizar!!

  17. remember that the three biggest cordilleras of Andes pasa through Colombia,the west Andes,the center Andes and the east Andes,and they are magnificent.

  18. Fallan los frenos y te vas por el barranco…!!

  19. Terry Tytula says:

    Just exactly where is this danger?? All I see is a nice long flat runway that even a student pilot could make with ease.

  20. Jorge Mafla says:

    este es aeropuerto antonio nariño correjimiento chachagui en departamento de nariño colombia

  21. my wife said this was a simulator

  22. leong zw says:

    Can any ETOPS land their?

  23. which aircraft is this?

  24. 3:50 – Right hand side… I found Airwolf !

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