Muammar Gaddafis SHOCKING Secret


Under Qaddafi’s rule, Libya attained the highest standard of living in Africa, it was the only debt free country in Africa, He raised the literacy rate from 20% to 83%, he built one of the finest free health care systems in the third world, therefore raising the life expectancy from 44 to 75 years, Qaddafi gave women full access to education and employment and enabled the women to serve in the armed forces. Gaddafi provided to its citizens what is denied to many Americans or Europeans, free public health care, free education don’t believe me? Check out the WHO and UNESCO DATA, Nelson Mandela called Muammar Qaddafi one of the 21st century’s greatest freedom fighters, the foreign powers conspired to murder Qaddafi, he was targeted by the CIA, France and UK since the 1970s. He was an enemy of the Dajjal System, an influencial enemy and had to be taken out. 2011 uprising was initiated and supported by Saudi Arabia, UAE and Qatar, may Allah trap the leaders of those countries with the storm of Aad, curse be upon them for betraying the ummah. But why did those countries betray Gaddafi? Qaddafi supported feverishly the Palestinian cause.
Qaddafi hated all monarchs of the Gulfs, accusing them of being puppet and slaves to the west. Qaddafi supported anti-Zionist, pan-Africanist, and black civil rights movements. Qaddafi put up a communications satellite the first in Africa to bring the continent of Africa into the 21st century of technology. Gaddafi wanted to free Africans from the imperialism and the neocolonialism. Muammar Gaddafi, NWO, Freemasons, Illuminati, Islam, Ummah, Merciful servant of Islam, Gays, Christians, Muslims, Jews, Gay Life, Pride, Gay Haraam, Satan and Homosexuality, Islam and Gays, Christianity and Gays, Jews and Gays,


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  1. faizan ahmed says:

    He was MORE liberal than whole of west. Before attacking west, we should see what we did as Ummah? We failed our two great leaders Saddam and Gaddafi. Yes they were not saints but were far better than American devils and terrorist Presidents. Libyans and Iraqis BETRAYED their own nation and now crying. IDK I should be angry on them or feel pity. They helped American terrorists to remove these leaders but ended up removing their own freedom. On the other side, we have leaders from KSA, Qatar, Kuwait etc these BLOODY SHEIKHS will pay price of every blood drop and for being friends of Zionists. Quran SPOKE 1400 years ago NOT TO BE FRIENDS OF "Those Christians and Jews who are FRIEND of each other " but they did. Such a shame on ALL of us. Then we have American terrorists who killed MOST INNOCENTS in last 500 or 50 or 15 years but call themselves hero. I can't wait to see the DESTRUCTION OF AMERICA, hopefully innocents will be spared but turn this country into hell. It has become dwelling spot of Dajjal from a long time. Soon he will move to Israel, don't know what else yet to come. Can't even imagine that pain and suffering. May Allah give us strength and make us to walk on his deen. We have lost ways that's why we are paying.

  2. malik bari says:

    who is USA is to be the control of the world

  3. pussy slayer says:

    I agree Gaddafi was a horny guy and kept virgin guards but he had some pretty good ideas too.


  5. Gian says:

    What movie is it from the ending, i swear ive seen it before

  6. Jay Willie says:

    He was guilty of fornicating with all the kings of the Earth. By way of selling oil to them making them strong. All the middle eastren countries that sell thier oil to them are guilty. All good they do by foricating with them turns to evil on you

  7. Gaddafi, Fiddel Castro, Che guevera, Mandela well this are the greatest men, only worthless of the worthless can raise a gun to kill this people,

  8. There shall be justice for Qaddafi – fiat justitia , ruat coelum.

  9. Laila Khalif says:

    Now the only two countries left for America to attack is Iran and North Korea. ….

  10. Caine Able says:

    Some men are too good for this world. RIP Colonel

  11. Funny to see Hillary happy about killing an actual feminist.

  12. poor guy murdered and thousands of others. The people loved him.

  13. missing Gaddafi and Sadam Hussain

  14. Modern Atheism;
    We have an Army.
    You can browse through our “Ranks”.
    We don’t kill people in order to bring world change.
    We just change their minds.
    Atheism is Unstoppable.
    Live Free, or Die.
    Have a nice day.

  15. Wow! Free health care, free education, and he still died the richest man on earth. Was doing something right, but yet the u.s tells us we will go down hill if we have the two of those free. Fucking liars.

  16. aghahowa11 says:

    the video was well made, we need to spread this video around social network so people know the truths.

  17. Somalian NS says:

    to defeat the Jew let's make our own currency based on Dinar And Dirham

  18. John Smith says:

    western media or governments were very hostile towards to Gaddafi when he was alive, but among africans he still remains as one of the most popular leader to come out of Africa because he was a major player in supporting to end apartheid in South Africa, key player in supporting many African countries to win their independence from years of European enslavement. Gadaffi will never be forgotten in the hearts and minds of Millions of Africa. May he rest in peace!

  19. so the American government go around killing leader's of other countries for there own greed and power so how do you take down governments and the people that makes and control the law's and make them answer for there crimes to me it will never happen Gaddafi sounds like he was a great man doing geat things for his country men and women.

  20. so the American government go around killing leader's of other countries for there own greed and power so how do you take down governments and the people that makes and control the law's and make them answer for there crimes to me it will never happen Gaddafi sounds like he was a great man doing geat things for his country men and women.

  21. one i love says:

    Muammar Gaddafis LOVER FROM MOROCO

  22. Karim Brown says:

    Zionist been around since ad times to fight the good fight

  23. why dont we create a movie about Muammar Gaddafi as African? and why we wait for European to teach us about our history, we need to stand up for ourself so that we can teach the next generation about this 21 st century Great Leader. lets unite as Africa and fight with our leaders, who speak truth and who stand for the truth not the corrupt leaders we have today. Long Live Muammar Gaddafi Long Live……..

  24. beckyholt says:

    Before Gaddafi the population of Libya was kept ignorant, poor and homeless, but by the time he had been killed the literacy rate in Libya was 98% and anyone who wanted a home had one.

    He managed to modernize the nation and share its wealth without discrimination.

    He suffered his family members being killed because they could never get him and then they murdered him in full view of the world in a most terrible way. He was a human being with faults, who strived to raise his people and who never deserved his end that way.

  25. Kelly KitKat says:

    1:55 .. she, Hillary, is a zionist (eugenicist) "racist" devil-worshipper. They love bloodshed. It has been the history of white people for at least two thousand years. The catholic church was created by zionists to bury christianity. As was the protestant (non catholic) church, which has many factions. They call the devil JESUS, and wave crosses and other images before the faces of children while teaching them Eugenics, slavery, et cetra. But if you desire to find HASHEM, and the Lord's Christ, my advice to you is stay away from them. Find a kjv bible – avoid modern translations. And above all else, lean on the fact that LOVE exists while you seek TRUTH, which is the Word of God.

  26. jp cia says:

    Next to the Negro, Arabs have the second lowest IQs…

  27. LoL . . Man. Why don't you take this video and shove it up your ass.

    Gadafi is one of the Arab Heroes. That we all Arab likes.

    But to go on the gulf stats and say what you say. Go fuck your self you pice of shit. The Libain people and saudi as example are brothers so close as one family. And this video that you trying to creat hate between us. I tell you take this video and shove it up your ass. You are not from Libya to come up with such msg. You are one of the scumbags country's who is trying so hard to get us to hate each other.

    At the end to my brother and sisters of Libya. A day will come for us all to become one nation and for this scombags to keep trying.

    God pls. Your Saudi broth

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