Murky waters of Flint (RT Documentary)


For 50 years the authorities of Flint in Michigan, US had bought the city’s water from a trusted source. In 2014 however, the corporation switched to a cheaper …


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  1. Jack Walsh says:

    An excellent documentary, KUDOS!!!!

    Now do a documentary on "Climate Engineering"?????????????????????

  2. tankhunter D says:

    usa go trump usa I live here total bs flint is scum

  3. Marly G. says:

    Exactly what the government needs for its own people… eating GMOs and drinking poison

  4. Marvin Hau says:

    as a german, the basic rights of the people in flint are humiliated. water supply as i know it shouldnt be privatised, or led by any company to make profit. the responsible people should be found and sued. water quality can not be taken serious enough, at least it is part of the definition in our german law that is an undeniable right of every human beeing. in this content the people responsible here embodying the "state" itself are clearly commiting a horrific crime against the humanity even providing this kind of water, it doesnt even matter that they say its not safe. they are providing it, so it MUST be safe, otherwise they arent even allowed to provide it.
    i dont know the exept laws in america, but this curruption and power of the companies is crazy

  5. Try buying a BEV 100 Water System or portable Berkey Water Filter.

  6. Does anyone know if any other areas in Michigan that has this dangerous problem?

  7. Poor Americans, their US government should use the money they use for commit genocides in the middle east to help the American people

  8. Advection357 says:

    150$ a month for water lol…
    Not only water, but poisoned water… wow.

  9. I live in the country with cleanest water in the world but still I filter tap water

  10. Javi chino says:

    When confronted with the idea that it is wrong for them to be forcibly deprived of the fruits of their labor, even if it is done "legally," such people often vehemently defend those who continue to rob them, insisting that such robbery is essential to human civilization.

    Larken Rose, The Most Dangerous Superstition

    defies logic to say, "I give my consent for you to be robbed." Yet that is the basis of the cult of "democracy": the notion that a majority can give consent on behalf of a minority. That is not "consent of the governed"; it is forcible control of the governed, with the "consent" of a third party.

    Larken Rose, The Most Dangerous Superstition

    Many have been able to recognize and oppose specific acts of tyranny by specific regimes, but very few have recognized that the underlying problem is not who sits on the throne; the problem is that there is a throne to sit on.

    Larken Rose, The Most Dangerous Superstition

    But all ʻlegal’ means is that the government told you to do it. The way people view law these days, whether something is ʻlegal’ or not depends only on who gave the order. If the people who call themselves ʻgovernment’ do it, it’s legal. If anyone else does, it’s not. But whether the order itself is good or evil, and whether anyone should obey it, has nothing to do with who gave the order.

    Larken Rose, The Iron Web

    In one sense, there is no positive, active solution to "government." The ultimate solution is negative and passive: Stop advocating aggression against your neighbors. Stop engaging in rituals that condone the initiation of violence and reinforce the notion that some people have the right to rule. Stop thinking and speaking and acting in ways that reinforce the myth that normal people should be, and must be, beholden to some master, and should obey such a master rather than follow their own consciences.

    Larken Rose, The Most Dangerous Superstition

    Pride in being a "law-abiding taxpayer" is not the result of having helped people, which the person could have done far more effectively on a voluntary basis; the pride comes from having faithfully obeyed the commands of a perceived "authority.

    Larken Rose, The Most Dangerous Superstition

    Because of the belief in "authority," agents of “government” are imagined to have the right to use force not only in the situations where everyone would have such a right, but in other situations as well, such as using force to collect "taxes." It stands to reason that if everyone has the right to use "good force," but "the law" supposedly authorizes agents of "government" to use force in other situations as well, then "the law" is nothing but an attempt to legitimize bad force. In short, "authority" is permission to commit evil—to do things that would be recognized as immoral and unjustified if anyone else did them.

    Larken Rose, The Most Dangerous Superstition

  11. Sophia Bee says:

    I recently saw on Identification Discovery (ID) the program suspicion. Then this whole town was extremely aggressive against each other, hallucinating and imagining things, all looked like sick and drug addicts. The this wife suspected her husband of poisoning her,stealing from her etc. So she accused her husband at police etc then in the end husband had area ban order, but she still didn't got better.Then she found out it was old Uranium mining in that town in 50s/60s when they threw all the Uranium waste into the River and that now leaked into their tap water supply. It had insane crazy levels of PCB symptoms are like mercury poisoning. Then I thought PCB makes you zombie aggressive without knowing it. Unbelievable

  12. 42:45 Correct. Water and Utilities is the only way a city can raise revenue. All other services can't raise revenue. The only exception is traffic citations, but many cities strive to make these revenue neutral so not to incentivize quotas.

  13. Greg Smith says:

    some real smart guy
    FDRed the infrastructure a long time ago and now nobody knows how to fix it

  14. u gotta be kidding me people debt want this jobs lol!!!! r u serious?

  15. With the money we have… lets keep searching for water on mars, ok?

  16. BlueEmber says:

    The USA is under complete Zionist control
    They own 96% of the worlds media, the financial system (China as well), Educational system, and the Military. In the meantime the US gives Israel 4 Billion dollars and free military arms each year since 1948! This is money for clean water for Flint.

  17. The city of Flint didn't choose to switch water. Snyder did. Important info!!! The city was run by an emergency manager appointed by Snyder. We had no choice, because we had no democracy.

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