Muscular Mom Slammed for “Fat-Shaming” After Posting A Picture of Her Abs Online

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Sierra Marlee

Of all the absurd things to be offended over, this story really takes the cake. A mother is being attacked online for posting a picture of her abs that says “I have a kid, a six pack, and no excuse.” She wasn’t making fun of every mother who doesn’t look like her, she was trying to inspire others who might be trying to lose their baby weight. Instead of becoming an inspiration, Abby Pell became the target of scores of people who label her picture “shameless” and “demeaning.”

After Posting A Picture of Her Abs Online

 A super-fit mum has come under fire for ‘fat-shaming’ women – after she posted a picture of her six-pack on Instagram.

Fitness fanatic, Abby Pell, 33, from East Grinstead, East Sussex, thought she was helping encourage others to lose post-pregnancy weight when she shared the picture of her posing with her daughter.

She included the message ‘I have a kid, a six pack and no excuse.’

But instead of support, the mum-of-one was branded ‘shameless’ by scores of people and met with abuse from her followers.

One web user wrote: ‘This is so demeaning – I bet she doesn’t have to work for a living.’

Another added: ‘This is fat shaming, pure and simple. Exploiting your motherhood to show off is despicable and shameless.’

Dedicated mum Abby manages to juggle motherhood and running her own nutrition business while still hitting the gym up to six days a week.

‘I was on the heavier side so I tried a range of weight loss plans like The Atkins Diet and the South Beach Diet and just generally restricting my daily calorie allowance.

‘But I would always end up so hungry I’d get to the point where I couldn’t bear to starve myself any longer.

‘And as soon as I gave in the weight would go straight back on.’

Abby turned to intense weight training taking just a year to sculpt her impressive abs, after she ballooned to 13 stone when she was pregnant with daughter Bella, now six, and struggled to lose shed the extra 50lb.

‘I decided to have just one last push, so I started lifting weights, and I was astonished at the results that came so quickly.

‘My bum was firmer, arms more defined and my abs were showing.

‘Now going to the gym is where I have my ‘me-time,’ which all mums know they need.’

Abby, who now weighs 9st and is a size eight, says she feels better now than before she was pregnant.

The personal trainer was immensely proud of her achievements and naturally wanted to share success with her friends and family.

So the people who promote “body positivity” are attacking someone who actually loves her own body? She needs to ignore the morons who are trashing her because they are jealous of what she has.

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  1. Rowan January 20, 2015 at 5:41 pm - Reply

    Well I’m chubby its not easy to lose but good on her for trying to encourage people to keep pressing on even when it seems hopeless. My hat goes off to her, and all I can say is jealousy is a nasty thing that doesn’t look good on anyone. I get sick of this “love yourself no matter what size you are” rubbish I can’t believe people celebrate being unhealthy to the point ov putting down someone who’s healthy ………meh!!!!

  2. Gary January 20, 2015 at 1:10 am - Reply

    I suppose if you want to sit home eat chips and complain that this woman would be irritating. however I recall when I was a youth in the early 60’s that many women looked fit and trim and wore dresses when they shopped, quite often they would tow a little red wagon and walk 1 mile to the grocery store. Today we have the CARBO plumped women with big floppy boobs and double wide trailers that seem to complain about anyone that doesn’t have the same 48 inch butt, stretch exercise pants with butt cracks highlighted in the back and with camel toes in the front (makes me laugh all the time). I’m encouraged to see women like Abbey Pell. I’ve also been lucky enough to be married to a woman like Abbey for 41 years. At 60 she turns heads every where we go. I watch women at the grocery stores stock up with mega boxes of GMO grains and when they go by me, I can see those double wide tractor trailers behind them. Whereas we eat fresh foods with a Ketogenic diet versus a carb diet. My wife is 5’7″ and weighs in at 125 lb. Puts the 30 year old women to pure shame.

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