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most horror music ever : D .


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  1. 235 Diga says:

    très belle music spirituelle….

  2. put anything with this song and its gonna freak u out

  3. guys can anyone tell me what is the type of music this video is? I want more music of the same theme, instruments etc..

  4. AHMED R says:

    you are a life saver

  5. I think the music had a greater effect on the information displayed by the sieries than an actual sieries meant to display.

  6. Awie Eijishi says:

    orchestral.instrumental. try search Two Steps From Hell 🙂

  7. semmamun says:

    solomon temple illuminati templars masons are all in this song it makes me feel so !!!

  8. Whenever I listen to this song I believe in the judgement day

  9. its devil music i know every thing about it
    see u in the next life
    i gona die

  10. sasan safar says:

    That series cleaned my mind up ,,,,, now I can see the real world

  11. s6xer says:

    Assassin's Creed IV – Black Flag

  12. c'est magnifique !ça motive 

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