Music Industry Exposed – Part 1 – Illuminati Puppets


Documentary from 2009 by Farhank. Follow me on Twitter @ Due to YouTube demonetising many of my videos, please …


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  1. Dylan W says:

    is this a reupload from a few years ago?

  2. davus says:

    i saw this documentary like 4 years ago.. and i'm too curious to know about what happened to him and why he deleted all the videos

  3. NewLife says:

    Glad you showed how the devil don't discriminate. It's in every form of popular music. He wants everybody dead

  4. when I talk to my friends and family about this subject everyone thinks I'm crazy, I'm glad you hear what I hear and see what I see thanks for this, now i know I'm not crazy God bless you??

  5. Rain Man is a devil that offers abundance.

  6. I want to stop listening to music for about a year or two ?
    I can feel it opening my soul and playing on parts of my life that I prefer to stay buried. ?
    Music is very dangerous… I've realized, but I can't seem to escape it because everybody's always playing it smh. ?

  7. Damn that's crazy but some of those songs are good lol

  8. Beckie Lloyd says:

    Great vid again ty vigilant citizen ur one of my favorites!

  9. Heyimsilly says:

    Cant wait for part 2 I love these

  10. The weird thing was I was just looking up the series couple days ago and you post it up. Kind of eerie

  11. This series was first done by truth777exposed thanks for reuploading it

  12. turk turk says:

    Great video but in the end you include "umbrella ella ella" as one of the phrases commonly used in mainstream songs, has it not only been used by Rihanna and then sampled by one more artist? This may be a small mistake but the problem is that it can make you loose credibility and serve as a reason for people to dismiss the video in its entirety. The other phrases are spot on though.

  13. calming says:

    sadly, I was a huge fan of the onyx song back in the day…a teen without a clue smh…

  14. Derek Fisher says:

    all this time i thought they were talking about Dustin Hoffman in that movie….well damn

  15. TriL TV says:

    The industry is obsessed with Rain Man LOL!!!!

  16. Papa Vellai says:

    Who is the Rain Man?

  17. Jason Hill says:

    Wow….I have been trying to find this series for ever, last time I saw this was 6 or 7 years ago…….thanks for the upload

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